Rising Super Chef 2 – Level 271 – 300 Guide

Rising Super Chef 2 – Level 271 – 300 Guide


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Rising Super Chef 2 is a challenging mobile app with a twist on the traditional cooking time-management games.  This level guide is provided to help you along the way.  It includes bonus order information that can help you in guessing mystery orders or preparing for bonus order to increase the points or time you can earn during game play.  Share any tips you might have with other players in the comments section below.

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Visit the main Strategy Guide for a game overview or the Customer Guide for customer descriptions.This guide provides some details for completing each level.  It includes information on Bonus Customers.  Bonus Customers can either provide extra money, time, gifts, etc (these are usually needed in order to pass the level) OR they might try to mess up orders.  Knowing what they are ordering in advance can help serve them faster. 

LevelGoalOne StarTwo StarsThree StarsNew Food This
Special OrdersBonus Orders
Level 271Earn 2700 Coins within 3:00270035003800
Level 272Earn 4200 Coins from 18
420048006000Office Man = Pineapple Yogurt Ice
Alien = Banana French Toast
Level 273Earn 3400 Coins and serve Electrician 8 times within 3:20340041005300Electrician = Orange CookiesPrankster = Banana French Toast
Snowman = Strawberry French Toast
Level 274Earn 3600 Coins within 3:10360040004500Thief = Ham Spaghetti
Level 275Earn
4100 Coins and serve Policeman 8 times before losing 2 customers
410052005800Policeman = Fish SpaghettiThief =  Shrimp Spaghetti
Level 276Earn 3500 Coins and serve Shrimp Mix Spaghetti 7 times within 3:30350041005300Snowman = Ham Spaghetti Beanie
Girl = Shrimp Salad
Level 277Earn 2650 Coins from 21
265032004000Alien = Beef Cornflakes Soup
Level 278Earn 4500 Coins within 3:40450048005600Journalist = Strawberry Chocolate
Sweater Woman = Omelet Sandwich
Thief = Omlette Sandwich Prankster
= French Toast
Level 279Earn
4000 Coins and serve Beef Quesadilla 6 times before losing 1 customers
400045006000Thief =  Beef Taco Alien = Mexican Shrimp Tortilla
Level 280Earn 3400 Coins from 22
340041004800Thief = Strawberry Chocolate Alien
= Banana Chocolate
Level 281Earn 4500 Coins and serve Guitar Girl 8 times within 3:50450058006500Thief = Orange Iced Tea Male Chef
= Strawberry Chocolate
Level 282Earn 6000 Coins within 3:15600063007800Electrician = Brownie Tourist =
Apple Iced Tea
Alien = Banana Pudding
Level 283Earn 4300 Coins within 3:10430051005800Rich Man = Mexican Beef Rice
Level 284Earn
6200 Coins and serve Mexican Beef Rice 9 times before losing 2 customers
620066007500Thief = Mussels Salad Prankster =
Mexican Rice
Level 285Earn 3100 Coins within 3:20310038004500Alien = Mexican Chicken
Level 286Earn 2400 Coins from 17
240027003100Male Chef = Apple Soda Alien = Ham
Slices Spaghetti
Level 287Earn 4600 Coins within 2:50460051005800Policeman = Fish SpaghettiSnowman = Vegetable Salad
Level 288Earn
3800 Coins and serve Strawberry Muffins 8 times before losing 2 customers
380045005500Thief = Bacon Omelet, Female Chef
= Orange Milkshake
Level 289Earn 2900 Coins within 2:40290035004000Repairman = Strawberry Chocolate
Prankster = Strawberry Waffle
Level 290Earn 3500 Coins and serve Actress 7 times within 3:10350038004500Actress = Taco Fried Egg RollsThief = Watermelon Iced Tea
Level 291Earn 3800 Coins from 19
380042004900Guitar Girl = Orange Iced TeaRepairman = Strawberry Soda Alien
= Banana Pudding
Level 292Earn 3700 Coins and serve Orange Waffle 8 times within 3:00370042004700Thief =  Orange Soda Male Chef = Strawberry Soda Snowman = Strawberry
Soda Alien = Orange Pie
Level 293Earn 3200 Coins within 2:50320036004000Family Trio = Caesar Salad
Level 294Earn 4400 Coins before
losing 2 customers
440049005600Female Chef = Caesar Salad Alien =
Baked Chicken Cornflakes Prankster = Chicken Cornflakes Soup
Level 295Earn 3200 Coins and serve Mushroom Spaghetti 8 times within 3:00320036004100Thief = Mushroom Spaghetti
Level 296Earn 3450 Coins within 2:50345039004500Twins = Strawberry Chocolate  Repairman = Mushroom Spaghetti Snowman =
Strawberry Brownie
Level 297Earn
4800 Coins and serve Office Lady 9 times before losing 3 customers
480053006000Thief = Pineapple Iced Tea  Male Chef = Banana Milkshake Alien =
Banana Strawberry Salad
Level 298Earn 3400 Coins from 18
340039004500Little Girl = Pineapple PieMale Chef = Pineapple Milk Alien =
Pineapple Soda
Level 299Earn 4200 Coins and serve Omelette Sandwich 8 times within 3:00420046005400Thief =  Strawberry Cookies Young Couple = Strawberry Soda Snowman =
Pineapple Pie
Level 300Earn 3750 Coins within 3:00 minutes375041004600Rich Man = Chocolate Waffle
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