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Supermarket Mania Journey Review

Supermarket Mania Journey is a mobile time management multitasking game app in which you run a grocery store chain.  There are currently 13 unique stores spanning 300 levels, with 280 store upgrades and 65 products to sell.  For each level within the game, you must acheive a minimum goal to advance.  You can replay levels up to 5 times.  The goal becomes increasingly difficult, but by replaying the level 5 times you can earn up to as many as 9 Crystals. 

One downside is that you don’t earn coins if you fail a level.

Welcome Back Bonus

Log into the game every day for 5 consecutive days and get one of the pieces of the Talisman.  Collect all five pieces of the Talisman to complete it.  You will also receive a powerup on each consecutive day that you return.  It takes 25 days to complete the Talisman.


The Casino is a good way to earn Crystals, just have plenty of Coins on hand and place $500 bets.  The best thing to do is grind through previous completed levels to get more Coins.  Day 16 is currently our favorite.


3 x Double Crystals = 10 Crystals
3 x Triple Crystals = 20 Crystals
3 x Single Coins = 750 Coins
3 x Double Coins = 1000 Coins
3 x Triple Coins = 2500 Coins 


There are 10 customers that visit your grocery store.  Some are very slow and patient.  Others are very impatient.  And then there are those that are just troublemakers.  

Grandma – She’s very slow and patient.  She also likes to buy a lot of one item, so keep an eye on her if you have a no empty shelf challenge.

Lady In Blue – She has normal patience, moves quickly and likes to buy a lot of different items

Regular Guy – He’s just a regular single guy buying stuff.

Little Girl – She is a troublemaker who will race around your grocery store on a kick scooter, knocking items onto the floor.  The second you spot her pulling out her kick scooter, click on the Security Guard to stop her.

Young Boy – He is addicted to his cellphone, and will get distracted on his way to pick up an item.

Mother with Little Boy – They are nice enough, but the little boy is constantly wandering away from his mom.  You’ll have to click on the little boy as soon as you see him wander, then click on mom to return him.

Superstar – A superstar has very little patience, so make sure your shelves are stocked while they are shopping.  The nice thing about superstars is that other shoppers stand around admiring them while the superstar is shopping.  This gives you time to clean and restock.  The superstar also checks themselves out at the register.

Delivery Man – He appears at the takeout window, wanting 3 store items.  He is very patient.

Thief – He’ll wander in your store and suspiciously stand next to a food item.  Click on your Security Guard to stop the thief before he steals food.  You earn a 300 Coin bonus everytime you catch a Thief in the act.

Mr. Torg – He’s the guy in the trenchcoat that will sabotage one of your equipment items.  You’ll have to click on the item to fix it, losing valuable time.  You can sometimes block him by using the item he wants to break, but he’ll wait around until you’re off doing something else and then break it.


There are 7 powerups that you can use during a level if you have them on hand.  You can buy them in the Upgrade Shope using Crystals or receive them as rewards for returning daily.

Bonus Customers – Bonus customers gives you additional customers to complet the day successfully if you didn’t earn enough coins at the end

Energy Drink – The Energy Drink allows you to play in slow motion; you move faster while the customers move in slow motion

InstaServe – InstaServe immediately serves one customer from the shop

Cleaner Tool– The Cleaner Tool can clean the whole floor instantly

Cookies – Cookies vastly improve the mood of everyone in the store

Turbo Cart Tool – The Turbo Cart Tool immediately stocks all shelves in the store.

UltraServe – UltraServe immediately serves three customers from the shop

Store Equipment

Squeezer – This machine requires 2 fruit items to make fresh juice for stocking the Juice Fridge

Grinder & Brewer – This machine grinds coffee for brewing at the Brewer

Bakery – The Bakery prepares baked goods which are then stored on the Bakery Shelf


Mopping The Floor

You have to keep your store clean so that your customers stay happy.  If the floor gets too dirty or so dirty that trash is lying around, customers get unhappy and some may slip and fall and then storm out.  Immediately pick up and throw away any trash that you see.  Customers who fall will also drop their shopping basket.  You will need to pick up and put those away as well.  Any time you see an opportunity, click on the Mop so that Nikki cleans the floor.  Because it is so time consuming, it is one of the first upgrades you should make in a new store.  The third level upgrade is an automated floor cleaner, which is awesome.

Security Guard

You can upgrade your shop to include a Security Guard.  The Security Guard is helpful with making the Little Girl behave and for stopping Thieves in their tracks.  It’s a shame he’s not more helpful with the guy that sabotages equipment. The Security Guard should your the second upgrade.


You can upgrade your shop to include a Cashier.  Wendy will then help you at the cash register by checking customers out.

Stocking Cart

When you start a new store, Nikki’s stocking cart only holds 5 items.


Coffee is an impulse purchase that provides you with extra income, if you keep it stocked.  

Bonus Paths

There are Bonus Paths that open up as you advance levels.  You have to complete all the levels in the Path within a certain amount of time in order to receive a reward.  The downside of bonus Paths is that any upgrades you made to your store won’t be available in the Path.  You will have to upgrade your store from scratch.  It’s best to save Bonus Paths for later, when you have an abundance of Crystals and Coins.  Until then, save your Coins and Crystals for the main game path.


Once you complete a store, you’ll encounter a gate along the path.  In order to pass, you will have to earn a certain number of Coins and Bronze, Silver and Gold levels in the previous store.  If you’ve earned enough, click on the gate to open it.  If not, return to the previous levels and play until you reach the required criteria.

How To Increase Level Income

Upgrades –  in come stores you can upgrade food items to increase their price or purchase the gumball machine for impulse purchases

Impulse items – Keep plenty of coffee stocked when the machine is available

Cleaned and stocked bonus – earn an extra 300 Coins on a level by making sure all your shelves are stocked and the floor is clean before the last customer leaves

How To Make Customers Wait Longer

You can use upgrades to increase customers’ patience.

Upgrade Items

  • Decorations
  • TV
  • Jukebox

How To Make Pizza (Level 58) 

  1. Tap on the oven counter to make the crust.
  2. Tap on the blender counter (which should automatically put a tray in Nikki’s hands) then collect 3 ingredients (which should all be sparkly). 
  3. Select 3 pizza ingredients from cheese, chicken, fish, broccoli or pineapple and tap on the blender again.
  4. Now tap the blender counter to pick up the pizza ingredients and then the oven counter (to move the ingredients onto the pizza crust).


Please note that Supermarket Mania Journey was created by G5.  Any support-related issues should be directed to them.

Feel free to add your questions and tips to the comments section below.  The comments are for other players who enjoy the game to share and help one another constructively.  If you’re just here to complain or troll, be aware that your comments will be removed.

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