World Chef – Tips and Tricks Strategy Guide

World Chef is one of the newest mobile cooking games, and unlike Cooking Fever, it is the opposite of a time management strategy game.  Your guests never leave angry, your food never burns and you have plenty of time to cook.  It’s the perfect distraction to play while you’re waiting until you can play the casino in Cooking Fever to win more gems or waiting for the newest restaurant update.

Your primary strategy throughout the game is to advance in XP (experience points) so that more chefs become available, to earn coins to purchase ingredients and chef, to earn tools to upgrade your Ingredient and Dish storage areas, and gems so that you can upgrade chef stations.

The Social Market is where you can buy and sell ingredients, tools and dishes from or to other World Chef Players.  You’ll probably find that you spend more time in the Social Market than you do anywhere else in the game.  That’s because it’s a great place to sell items to make a decent profit, find tools you’ll need upgrade your Ingredient and Dish storage rooms, as well as ingredients and dishes you’ll need to complete Chillout events in time.

Earning XP and Coins Quickly

When you first start the game, you’ll focus on gaining XP and earning coins as quickly as possible (to speed things up).   There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Kick out customers that want dishes that aren’t available yet.  See the Quick Turnover page.
  • In the beginning, make lots of buns.  Sell them to Tex the Salesman when he comes around (he seems to ask for buns a lot).
  • When you first start the game, make lots of buns and sell them in the Social Market .  Items sold in the Social Market at a discount sell fairly quickly.  So sell 10 buns for $9, or 5 steaks for $55.  The green discount tag gets people’s attention and guarantees it will sell quickly.
  • As you progress in XP during the game, make lots of the helper items that are needed as ingredients in other dishes.  Dough, Pasta, Patties, Cheese, Cream, Broth and Butter can be sold in the Social Market  at a high markup.
  • Combine the Quick Turnaround method along with only making dishes that earn the highest profit ratio.  See the Turning Profits page.
  • Sell ingredients at a markup in the Social Market that refill slowly, especially meats.  See the Ingredients Breakdown page to compare ingredients.  As you progress in the game, you can turn some high profits by selling items at a big markup that take 2 or more hours to refill.
  • Buy any ingredients that are for sale in the Social Market that have a green discount tag, then flip them in the Social Market  for a profit or use them to reduce your cost in making dishes.

World Chef Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Post your tips that you want to share with others in the comments below and we’ll add them to this list
  • Place all your tables close to the front door.  Customers are seated much more quickly that way (they walk very slowly).
  • Tex the Salesman, the guy that appears at the front of the restaurant every once in a while to buy ingredients or dishes, is a good way to quickly earn small amounts of coins.  Especially when he want items that you can quickly remake, such as buns.  Plus he usually pays above the going rate. 
  • If you have enough Dish Storage space, always keep plenty of patties, buns and plain burgers on hand.  No matter how fancy your restaurant gets, customers still order plenty of those.
  • Definitely upgrade your Ingredient and Dish Storage areas every chance you get.  
  • As soon as you have enough gems, buy an additional cooking slot for your helper chefs, starting with the slowest first: Stove Helper, Milk Helper, Dough Helper, and then the Grill Helper.  They make ingredients used by other chef, so you’ll always want them cooking plenty of dish ingredients.
  • As you progress in the game and have enough gems, work towards buying an additional cooking slot for each chef, especially the Italian and Mexican chefs (their dishes are pretty popular).  
  • Don’t buy the Chillout area until your Ingredient and Storage areas can hold at least 105 items each.
  • Tools take up valuable space in your storage rooms, so use them as soon as you can.  Use the Chainsaw to cut trees and the Shears to cut flowers even if you aren’t ready to buy more land yet.
  • Kick out any customers that are ordering dishes that aren’t available yet.  You’ll have to wait a few minutes until the table is ready for another customer, but you’ll progress much faster in the game because you’ll be serving more food in the end.  Or, put their table in storage and then bring it back; view the Quick Turnover for details.
  • On XP 13, more people are ordering Ham Pizza – add a station to the Italian Chef and make pizza
  • On XP 16 everyone seems to be ordering plain burgers, so have lots of patties and buns available
  • Market baskets allow ingredients to refill more quickly.  Save your baskets!  Seriously, save your baskets.  They don’t take up storage space.  You will want to use these for Ingredients that take forever to refill, especially items after XP level 24.
  • If you need to raise cash fast – cook dishes and sell them at a markup in the Social Market.
  • If you need to get tools quickly – serve a lot of customers and they’ll tip in tools
  • If you need to get crates – participate in Chillout events and regularly check back to see if the Special Delivery truck is available.

EVERYTHING takes time

…unless you’re willing to spend some gems to speed things up.  And the time things take to refill or become available again increases as your XP increases.

    • After you purchase a new Chef, you have to wait the allotted time until their station is built
    • When you purchase an ingredient, you have to wait the allotted time until it can be purchased again
    • When you serve a customer, you have to wait the allotted time based on their dishes until they leave the table
    • When you cook a dish, you have to wait the allotted time until that dish is cooked
    • The special delivery truck only comes around every 5+ hours
    • When you kick out a customer, you have to wait the allotted time until the table is ready for a new customer
    • You can only ask for help in the vineyard every 5+ hours


  • Tools are items that are used to upgrade your storage rooms, plow your vineyard, or clear your landscape.  
  • You earn tools as tips from customers or in crates from truck deliveries or as rewards for completing Chillout Events.
  • Tools take up valuable space in your storage rooms, so use them as soon as you can.
  • Is your Ingredient storage room getting full too quickly?  Begin clearing your landscape (even before you can afford to buy new plots) using the hammer, chainsaw and shears so that they aren’t taking up space in storage.
  • Check the Social Market  regularly.  Every once in a while, someone is selling a tool you’ll need for storage upgrades.

Our World Chef Wish List

  • We’ve accidentally clicked on the gem button that speeds up refill or cooking too many times when viewing ingredients or checking on dishes.  We wish there was a confirm button before the gems are deducted.
  • We’d love it if there was an icon on the players’ item list in the Social Market that let us know if that player had other items to sell.  Clicking on each and every item just to see if anything else is for sale, and then having to click twice to get out of a player’s restaurant is pretty tedious
  • We’d love it if we’d get notifications, like we do for the restaurant and Social Market, that the Special Delivery truck is available.
  • It would be nice to be able to reduce the price of an item that we’ve listed for sale in the Social Market, especially if it hasn’t sold in a while.
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