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The customers in Rising Super Chef each have unique personalities.  They have favorite ingredients, dishes, and varying patience levels.  Some customers only pop in randomly during levels and can provide bonus items that are needed to successfully complete the level.  These bonuses might be a gift box with more time to complete the level, an additional lost customer allowance, an extra customer, or a toolbox to speed up repairs of kitchen equipment.  


We’re not sure what their real names are, so we’ve assigned them some titles based on their appearance to make it easier to identify them.



Customer Name


Bonus Info


She sometimes leaves a gift if happy and served quickly

Bearded Man



He might leave a gift if happy and served quickly



The Electrician will leave a gift if happy and served quickly

Female Chef

The Female Chef will increase everyone’s happiness if she’s served quickly



Grandpa is very grumpy and impatient.  Serve him quickly or he will leave.

Guitar Girl


Male Chef

The Male Chef will increase everyone’s happiness if he’s served quickly


Family Trio

Office Lady



The Policeman sometimes leaves a gift if he’s happy and served quickly


The Repairman will leave a gift to fix broken kitchen appliances if he’s happy

Rich Man

The Rich Man will tip extra money if he’s happy


The Schoolgirl might leave extra happiness if she’s happy and served quickly


He’s very slow and will result in lost customers if you wait for him.  Instead, serve him instantly using the Magic Wand

Sweater Woman

She sometimes leaves a gift if happy and served quickly.  Often it’s an extra lost customer allowance or extra time.


The Thief will steal food from kitchen appliances if he’s not served quickly.  Get rid of him ASAP by using the Magic Wand


Young Boy

Young Couple

Rising Super Chef 2 Little Girl Little Girl
Rising Super Chef 2 Beanie Girl
Rising Super Chef 2 Santa
Rising Super Chef 2  Alien Alien The Alien will abduct another customer if he is not served quickly;  causing you to lose two orders
Prankster The Prankster is a little boy who will throw a smoke bomb to block your view if not served quickly
Fireman He’s not really a fireman, he’s more like a super hero with fire power.  He’s pretty impatient, but rewards you if you feed him quickly.
Pirate The Pirate is a fairly patient guy.  On some levels, he rewards you for serving him quickly.
Rising Super Chef 2 Snowman Snowman The Snowman will freeze you in your tracks if not served quickly

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