Rising Super Chef 2 Level 61-90 Guide

Rising Super Chef 2 Level 61-90 Guide

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Rising Super Chef 2 is a challenging mobile app with a twist on the traditional cooking time-management games.  This level guide is provided to help you along the way.  It includes bonus order information that can help you in guessing mystery orders or preparing for bonus order to increase the points or time you can earn during game play.  Share any tips you might have with other players in the comments section below.

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Visit the main Strategy Guide for a game overview or the Customer Guide for customer descriptions.This guide provides some details for completing each level.  It includes information on Bonus Customers.  Bonus Customers can either provide extra money, time, gifts, etc (these are usually needed in order to pass the level) OR they might try to mess up orders.  Knowing what they are ordering in advance can help serve them faster. 

LevelGoalOne StarTwo StarsThree StarsNew Food This
Special OrdersBonus Orders
Level 61Earn 580 Coins from 12 customers580700800Chop Pineapple and Mango as
quickly as possible
Level 62Earn 1250 Coins within 1:50
125014002100Make Mango Ice Cream in advance
Level 63Earn 1200 Coins from 12 customers120013501600Lots of Mango Pudding
Level 64Earn 2300 Coins and serve
Cowgirl 5 times within 2:05 minutes
230030504080Guitar Girl = Kiwi Sorbet  Bearded Man = Pineapple SorbetPrepare lot of Pineapple Sorbet
for Cowgirl and Bearded Man
Level 65Earn 3900 Coins before
losing 2 customers
390051006000Have extra Mango Ice Cream ready
for Sweater Woman for bonus customers
Level 66Earn 1500 Coins from 17 customers150017002300Lots of Chocolate Waffles
Level 67Earn 1450 Coins and serve
Chocolate Ice Cream 6 times within 2:07 minutes
145019903900Lots of Chocolate Ice Cream
Level 68Earn 4150 Coins within 2:10
415049005600Office Lady =
Mango Ice Cream
Tourist –
Mango Pudding and lots of Chocolate Waffles
Level 69Earn
2600 Coins and serve Mango Ice Cream 5 times before losing 3 customers
260033004260Rich Man = Mango
Level 70Earn 2050 Coins from 19 customers205027004600Rich Man = Chocolate Ice Cream
Level 71Earn 2990 Coins within 2:20
299040104950Playboy = Mostly Mango Ice Cream
Old Man = Mango Pudding
Level 72Earn 2400 Coins and serve Kiwi
Ice Cream 5 times within 2:25 minutes
Level 73Earn 2850 Coins from 20 customers285030004320
Level 74Earn
5000 Coins and serve Bearded Man 7 times before losing 1 customers
500056806460Bearded Man = Pineapple Sorbet
and Chocolate Ice Cream
Level 75Earn 2950 Coins within 2:45
295031004620Bearded Man = Chocolate Ice
Twins = Banana Pudding
Level 76Earn 2200 Coins from 16 customers220024003860Rich Man = Banana Pudding   Lots of Kiwi Yogurt Ice Cream for Guitar
Level 77Earn 2100 Coins and serve
Chocolate Ice Cream 5 times within 2:50 minutes
210030004930Male Chef = Banana Pudding
Level 78Earn 2600 Coins within 2:55
260029503500Twins = Mango
Level 79Earn 3200 Coins within 2:45
320033504200Guitar Girl =
Kiwi Yogurt
Level 80Earn
5700 Coins and serve Tourist 8 times before losing 2 customers
570060506960Bearded Man = Pineapple Yogurt
Level 81Earn 3200 Coins within 2:50
320035005900Rich Man =
Banana Waffle
Level 82Earn 3350 Coins and serve
Pineapple Yogurt Ice Cream 4 times within 2:50 minutes
335039504660Twins =
Chocolate Waffle
Level 83Earn 3300 Coins within 2:55
330037004500Schoolgirl =
Pineapple Ice Cream
Level 84Earn 2730 Coins and serve Banana
Yogurt Ice Cream 4 times within 3:00 minutes
Level 85Earn 2750 Coins from 18 customers275031003990
Level 86Earn 3800 Coins and serve
Grandma 6 times within 2:55 minutes
Level 87Earn 4400 Coins before
losing 2 customers
Level 88Earn 3400 Coins and serve
Policeman 7 times within 3:15 minutes
340037005360Office Lady = Chocolate Mango
Level 89Earn
4200 Coins and serve Chocolate Mango Waffle 4 times before losing 1 customers
420059006520Twins = Mango
Level 90Earn 4550 Coins within 3:05
455049006100Playboy =
Strawberry Chocolate
Twins = Mango


Share your tips and/or questions below.

Rising Super Chef 2 was developed by Mini Stone Games.  Please contact through this link if you encounter support issues.

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