Rising Super Chef 2 Kitchen Upgrades

Rising Super Chef 2 Kitchen Upgrades

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Item Image




Processing Speed (% Faster)

Burn Rate Reduction (% Slower)

Quantity Prepared

Becomes Available

Frying pan10NormalNormal1Level 1
Frying pan L220000020%10%1Level 142
Frying pan L315000040%20%1
Frying pan L45060%20%1
Oven10000NormalNormal1Level 36
Oven L215000025%10%1Level 199
Oven L35025%10%1Level 202
Oven L3325%10%1
Cutting board70Normal1Level 1
Cutting board L26500020%1Level 77
Cutting board L315000040%1Level 181
Cutting board L45060%1Level 184
Stockpot10000Normal1Level 120
Stockpot L210000020%10%1Level 156
Stockpot L340000040%20%1
Stockpot L45060%30%1
Mixer150Normal1Level 2
Mixer L217000020%1Level 97
Mixer L328000040%1Level 236
Mixer L45060%1Level 241
Work board600Normal1Level 8
Work board L25000020%1Level 146
Work board L330000040%1
Work board L45060%1
Mixing bowl300Normal1Level 7
Mixing bowl L22000020%1Level 34
Mixing bowl L316000040%1
Mixing bowl L45060%1
Waffle10000NormalNormal1Level 65
Waffle L219000020%10%1Level 109
Voice box301Level 87
Voice box L2601Level 106
Sauce pan10000NormalNormal1Level 45
Sauce pan L23600020%10%1
Sauce pan L318000040%20%1
Sauce pan L45060%30%1
Bread mixer5000Normal1Level 17
Bread mixer L23000025%1Level 49
Bread mixer L303050%1Level 53
Holding plate200001Level 42
Holding plate L20302
Corn Popper100001Level 20
Corn Popper L22000002Level 94
Corn Popper L30303Level 98
Meat Grinder10000Normal1
Meat Grinder L225000025%1
Meat Grinder L33050%1
Fryer1100NormalNormal1Level 11
Fryer L212000020%10%1
Fryer L324000040%15%1
Fryer L405060%20%1
Noodles cooker10000NormalNormal1Level 122
Noodles cooker L210000025%10%1Level 129
Noodles cooker L33050%20%1Level 133
Rice cooker10000Normal1Level 165
Rice cooker L2150000Normal2Level 174
Rice cooker L303025%2Level 177
CottonCandy Maker1000000%1Level 169
CottonCandy Maker L22000000%2Level 170
CottonCandy Maker L3500%3Level 172
Soda Fountain10000Normal1Level 213
Soda Fountain L210000025%2Level 218
Soda Fountain L33050%3Level 221
Grater L220000025%1
Tray50100%2Level 57
Soup pot10000NormalNormal1Level 210
Soup pot L210000025%10%1Level 227
Soup pot L303050%20%1Level 231
Icecream maker10000Normal1Level 61
Icecream maker L28000025%1Level 71
Icecream maker L33050%1Level 74

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