Cooking Craze Tips and Strategy Guide

Cooking Craze is a new time management cooking game app developed by Big Fish Games.   The game play is nice, in that toppings can be added to food and served to customers with minimal clicks.  You can also play the game when your online or offline, which is nice when there’s no wifi signal nearby.

The game currently has over 950 levels, with new restaurants on the way.  Your primary goal is to earn enough Coins to purchase upgrades and pick up enough Comment Cards to advance to new levels.  Each of the level guides for Cooking Craze include a breakdown of the goals for each Tier of a level, and which Tier holds the Comment Card.  Each level guide also provides some tips such as which Boosts to use if you are having trouble passing a level.


Cooking Craze Lives

In order to play levels, you must have lives.  You begin with 5 lives.  If you lose a level, you lose a life.  Once you are out of lives, you’ll either have to wait until your lives are restored (which takes some time) or you can buy lives using spoons.

Infinite Lives

Cooking Craze Infinite Lives

The Infinite Lives reward allows you to play the game without worrying about losing a life if you don’t successfully pass a level.  When you receive the Infinite Lives reward, only play levels that you have had a hard time passing.  You can earn Infinite Lives from the Daily Reward, Daily Tasks and other acheivements.



Level Goals

Cooking Craze Level Goals

Like most time managment cooking games, the object of each level is to complete a specific goal.  There are three specific goal types in Cooking Craze:

  • Earn a specific amount of moneyCooking Craze Money Goal
  • Serve a specific number of orders Cooking Craze Dishes Goal
  • Get a set number of likes Cooking Craze Likes Goal
  • Combos – Earn the required amount of Coins by creating Combos

Extra Goal Challenges

There are also certain conditions or limits that might be applied to a level’s goal.  It’s helpful to prepare when there are extra goal conditions.  These make a level much more difficult, but fortunately there are Boosts that can be used to help you successfully complete these types of levels.

  • Achieve the goal within a certain amount of time Cooking Craze Time Challenge
  • Don’t burn any food Cooking Craze No Burn Challenge
  • Don’t let a customer leave mad Cooking Craze Lose Customer Challenge
  • Don’t throw any food away Cooking Craze No Trash Challenge
  • Don’t use Boosters

Each level on Cooking Craze has 3 Tiers (sub-levels), with each sub-level increasing in difficulty.  You can also earn a Comment Card on one of the three Tiers.  Cooking Craze Comment Card You’ll need those to open new areas in the game.

Cooking Craze Level Winner

Daily Tasks

You can earn additional rewards by completing the Daily Tasks.  Tasks can be any one of the following:

  • Sell x dishes
  • Work x shifts today!
  • Work x shifts in a specific location today!
  • Get x likes from your customers today
  • Serve x customers today!
  • Serve this customer x times in  x
  • Win x Extra shifts with no losses!
  • Login to Facebook!


Boosts are power-ups that can help you pass a level.   

Some boosts must be activated before level starts.

Cooking Craze Price Doubler BoostPrice Doubler – Doubles your coins for each organic dish you serve!

Insta-Cook – Cooks food instantly!

Cooking Craze Burn Proofer BoostBurn-Proofer – Prevents food from burning!

 Cooking Craze Dazzler BoostDazzler – Gives you time to catch up by distracting customers! Distracts your customers so you can catch up on your orders.

Some boosts are only activated when you lose a level

 Cooking Craze 30 Seconds Boost 30 Seconds – adds 30 seconds to level!

 Cooking Craze Add 3 Customers BoostAdd 3 Customers – adds 3 more customers!


Cupcakes make customers more patient and happier to wait!  Gather bakery cupcakes once every 4 hours.  You have to click on them once they become available.  Upgrade your bakery to bake more cupcakes and your storage to store more cupcakes.


Cooking Craze SpoonsYou earn Spoons every time you successfully complete a level.  You can use spoons to buy upgrades and restore lives.



You can earn more Coins on each level by creating Combos. You can create Combos for 3, 4 or 5 dishes by serving customers as quickly as you can.  If the level isn’t a time challenge, you can wait to serve customers once all their dishes have been prepared.

Daily Reward

You receive a reward for each consecutive day you return to play the game.  Each day the reward increases.  You can earn Boosts, Infinite Lives, Coins and more from the Daily Reward.

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