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Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games is one of the newer cooking time management strategy games now available for download via Google Play.  At the end of 2017, it ranked #18 in Google Play’s top grossing arcade games.

The character and food graphics are identical to Cooking Joy – Delicious Journey.  But the game play is definitely different.  The game is slightly easier to play initially.  You don’t even have to deliver food to the customer; just tap on a completed dish and it automatically gets sent to the customer.  The same with assembling dishes; just tap the ingredients and they assemble themselves.


Cooking Madness Levels

Each level, and each of the 3 stars you can acheive per level, require you to complete specific goals in order to pass.  

You can use Boosts at the start of a level to help you reach the required goal and complete a level.  If you fail a level, you’ll be offered a chance to use an existing Boost or purchase a new one for 67 Diamonds.  Instead of buying a one-time Boost for 67 Diamonds at the end of a failed level, buy them in the store before you play a difficult level.

You can only play each level in Cooking Madness 3 times, with each successful play offering Diamonds.  One Star = 1 Diamond, Two Stars = 3 Diamonds and Three Stars = 5 Diamonds

Some levels have a key.  The key might be at the 1st, 2nd or 3rd star level.  You have to collect all the key cards in order to advance to the new areas of the game.

Be aware that tapping on a food item discards the item (throws it away).  Be careful on how quickly you tap food items on levels that don’t allow any food to be discarded.

You are randomly offered a chance to replay completed 3-Star levels to earn 5 Diamonds and extra Coins.  Just look on the game map for a level that is highlighted in pink.

Cooking Madness Level Replay

Level Goals

Each level will have certain goals that must be acheived in order to successfully complete the level.  When you click on a level, goal icons will indicate what you need to do in order to pass.  This information can be helpful if you want to use a boost before starting a level.

Cooking Madness Goals Coins you should earn in this level

Cooking Madness Goals Likes you should earn in this level

Cooking Madness Goals Dishes you should serve in this level

Cooking Madness Goals Time limitation of this level

Cooking Madness Goals No food should be thrown away

Cooking Madness Goals No food should be burnt

Cooking Madness Goals Keep customers happy and no one should leave


Boosts are items you can use to help complete a level.  Sometimes you may need more coins, more customers or more time in order to reach a level’s goal.  Boosts are really beneficial for the tougher levels. 

You can receive boosts from your Daily Bonus or buy them using Diamonds in the store.

Buying boosts using Diamonds from the store is much better and less costly than using Diamonds to replay a level you failed.

Cooking Madness Boost Double Profit – Doubles your earned coins for one level -3 for 100 Diamonds

Cooking Madness BoostSuper Cooker – Food won’t get overcooked with this boost – 3 for 100 Diamonds

Cooking Madness BoostBig Magic Pudding – Gives back patiencen  to ALL customers – 3 for 75 Diamonds

Cooking Madness BoostAdd More Time – Add 30 more seconds to level – 3 for 200 Diamonds

Cooking Madness BoostAdd More Customers – Add 3 more customers to level – 3 for 200 Diamonds

Cooking Madness BoostInstant Cook – Your food will be cooked instantly – 3 for 100 Diamonds



You earn Coins each time you play a level.  You can use these Coins to upgrade your kitchen’s equipment as well as food. 

You can earn Double Coins for a completed level by clicking on the Double Coins icon at the end of the level.  Save this for levels in which you’ve earned more than 1000 coins.

You can also earn Combo bonuses during a level.  Get Combos by preparing all your dishes first then serving everyone consecutively.

Daily Tasks

Each day you have the option to complete two of three tasks to get rewards.  The tasks are random and you can opt to change a task by viewing a movie.  It’s helpful to replay previous levels in order to complete tasks.  Just search the game for highlighted levels that you can replay.

Cooking Madness Daily Task

Below is a listing of tasks, what is needed to complete the task and how many coins you are rewarded.

Task Description Coins
Coming right up Complete any 5 levels 150
Super Star Achieve 3 times 3-stars 150
Rush Hour Complete 30 orders 150
Gold Rush Earn 2000 coins 100
Make it Rain Earn 400 coins on tips 100
Battery Charger Send energy to 10 friends 300
The more the merrier Invite 5 friends to play the game 300
Kitchen Upgrade Spend 2000 coins to upgrade kitchenware 200
Big Spender Spend 2000 coins to upgrade food 200
Perfect Service Get 60 likes. 150
Cooking Mania Serve 100 dishes. 150
Easier way to success Use 3 boosts. 300

When you’ve completed two of the three tasks, collect your coins and bonus reward

Cooking Madness Daily Task

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