Rising Super Chef Ultimate Strategy Guide

This is the original Rising Super Chef mobile game app.  Individual level guides for level 1 through level 468 are listed in the side menu. 

If you are looking for a level guide for the next version of this game, Rising Super Chef 2, visit Return to Rising Super Chef 2 Ultimate Strategy Guide

Game Mode Strategy

Each game level has a minimum Coin goal requirement.  There are 3 types of challenges:  Timed challenge, Lost Customer challenge, or Set Customer challenge.  The level icon on the game map indicates the type of challenge.  

Level goals can vary, but there is always a minimum Coin amount you must earn in order to pass.  Other goals include serving a specific customer a set number of times or serving a specific dish a certain number of times.

Timed Challenge – In a fixed time challenge, you have to complete the specified goal within the allotted time frame.  Occasionally, a special customer will appear who will give you a gift that extends the time but only if you serve them quickly.

Lost Customer Challenge – In this challenge, you have to complete the specified goal before losing a set number of customers.   Occasionally, a special customer will appear who will give you a gift that gives you an extra customer; but only if you serve them quickly.

Set Customer Challenge – For this challenge, you have to earn the minimum Coins in order to pass for a set number of customers.  Using Premium Ingredients and serving Bonus Orders are necessary to pass these levels.

Customer Tips

Each customer is different.  They have food varying preferences, patience levels, and some have bonuses that can help you complete a level.  Possible bonuses include extra tips, extra happiness, extra time to complete a level, or extra customers.

In certain levels, returning customers want you to remember what food item they usually order.  The guests will have a giant question mark above their heads when they order.  If you give them the correct food, you’ll receive a very nice bonus tip which is usually needed in order to pass the level.  We’ve tried to include the mystery food item in our level guides.  If you know of any that are not listed, please share them in the comments section of the appropriate level page.

Passing Levels

In order to pass a level, you need to meet the minimum goal for that level and earn at least one Star.  In order to reach to Coin goal, you’ll have to focus on keeping customers happy and serving bonus customers first.  You can also increase the price of your dishes by using Premium ingredients.  You can earn these by watching movies and spinning the Lucky Wheel.  You can also ask friends on Facebook who also play this game to send you Premium ingredients.  Although we can usually pass a level with one Star without Premium Ingredients.  

You earn 5 Energy if you pass a level with 3 Stars.  In order to pass levels with 3 Stars, you’ll have to wait until you have upgraded some of your kitchen appliances, your clothes and your shoes.  You can always return to previous levels once you’ve made the necessary upgrades.

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