Cooking Fever – Fast Food Restaurant Strategy Guide

Cooking Fever – Fast Food Restaurant Strategy Guide

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Fast Food Restaurant Strategy Overview

Cooking Fever’s Fast Food Court is the easiest restaurant and is immediately available when you first start the game.  You will be cooking Hamburgers and Hot Dogs along with Colas and French Fries.  An Automatic Burger and Sausage Machine becomes available for purchase at Level 17, costs 15 gems and is available for a 72 hour period; you won’t get
another chance to buy it later.  However, this is one of those restaurants where you shouldn’t need the Automatic Burger and Sausage Machine to pass levels with 3 stars.  Unless you need to increase prices to
pass levels with 3 stars, save up your gems for other restaurants and don’t
upgrade the cooking pans beyond Upgrade 2.  The Level Guide below will provide suggestions on what and when to upgrade.

Your primary goal should be to play long enough to advance to XP Level 7 (XP 12 is better), at which point the Casino will become available and you’ll be able to use Coins to try to win 15 gems daily.

There are 3 sections to this guide:

  • Kitchen and Interior Upgrades
  • Level Guide And Strategy
  • Restaurant Tasks Overview

Please post any questions or tips to share with players in the Comments section below.


Kitchen Items, Upgrade Costs and Availability

We were able to acheive 3 stars by upgrading 81% of the items.  The items we upgraded are highlighted below. 

Kitchen ItemUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Availability
Cola Dispenser150600700 + 5 gemsImmediately
Cola800 + 5 gems900 + 5 gems1000 + 10 gemsImmediately
Burger Fry Pan600700800 + 5 gemsImmediately
Burger Patties700800900 + 5 gemsImmediately
Hamburger Tabletop0400600Immediately
Hamburger Buns700800900 + 5 gemsImmediately
Hot Dog Grill Pan600700800 + 5 gemsLevel 4
Hot Dog Tabletop0400600Level 4
Hot Dog Buns700800900 + 5 gemsLevel 4
Sausages700800900 + 5 gemsLevel 4
Food Warmer300400500Level 4
Ketchup400500600Level 8
Lettuce Leaves400500600Level 11
Tomatoes400500600Level 12
Deep Fryer500800900 + 5 gemsLevel 18
French Fries800 + 5 gems900 + 5 gems1000 + 10 gemsLevel 18
Cupcakes03 gems5 gemsLevel 21

Interior Upgrades

Interior ItemQuantityUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Extra ClientsCustomer Waiting TimeTip Amount IncreaseTip Time Increased
Bar Stools2350400500*x*x
Arcade Machine11800 + 5 gems2000 + 7 gems2200 + 10x***
Tree190010001200 + 3 gems***x
Flower Pot17008001000**x*
Disco Ball11300 + 3 gems1500 + 3 gems1700 + 5 gems**x*

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