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How To Get More Cooking Fever Gems

Coins and gems (some people call these “diamonds”) are earned during the course of playing the game.  Coins are fairly easy to acquire once you have several restaurants open, but gems in Cooking Fever seems to come along much more slowly.  This can be very frustrating, especially when you are still early in the game with only 2 or 3 restaurants open.  The internet is full of websites that claim to have a cheat or a hack to get unlimited free gems.  The developers fixed the cheat that used to exist in the game, and there are no safe hacks you can install; you should know that you could potentially be downloading a possible virus or malware onto your device.  Of course, you can buy gems directly from Google Play.  That’s the only real way to “cheat” and the only way the developers of this great game make money.  But if you want to try to play without spending your own money, there are still ways to accumulate enough gems.

  • Return to the game daily for your Welcome Back reward; after day 7 you will receive 2 gems per day daily of consecutive game play.

  • Increase your XP (XP = Experience Points, which are displayed on the top right of screen); each time you advance to a higher an experience level, you will receive coins and gems.  You initially receive 2 gems and will max out at 7 gems per level advance.  You should try to increase your XP level at least once daily.  Click here for more details on experience points.

  • Play the casino immediately after you claim your Daily Income from restaurants; place $500 bets until you get 15 gems.  Thanks to Duo Kom’Ça , we now know that you can win 15 gems twice per day (exactly every 12 hours apart) in the casino.  You’ll need between 5000 and 25,000 coins to hit 15 gems in the morning (it seems to be about 18,000 Coins on average) and between 25,000 and 80,000 to hit 15 gems in the evening (the average seems to be about 55,000 Coins needed).    It is harder to earn the 15 gems on days when the game is offering reduced prices for purchasing gems or other specials.  The Casino becomes available at XP Level 7.

If you combine this strategy, you might earn up to 39 gems per day (2 for returning, 7 for advancing XP level, and 30 from casino – if played exactly 12 hours apart).  We only play the casino twice per day if we’re super low on gems, because of the large amount of coins needed to play the casino twice per day.  

We generally just play the casino once per day and play a restaurant until we advance our XP level, which gets us 24 gems per day.  

If you’re just starting the game, have less than 15 XP and only a handful of restaurants, save yourself a lot of frustration and just focus on getting your 2 daily gems for opening the game and replaying levels to increase XP at least twice a day.  You can get almost as many gems by increasing your XP (plus you get more coins), than if you used all your coins to try to win gems in the Casino.   Playing the Casino is better saved for when you have plenty of Coins to lose (20,000+).

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