Cooking Fever – Breakfast Cafe Strategy Guide

Cooking Fever – Breakfast Cafe Strategy Guide

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Breakfast Cafe Restaurant Strategy Overview

The Breakfast Cafe in Cooking Fever is a fast-paced restaurant which has a very high number of customers in each level.  So you’ll need to serve quickly and remove Coins just as quickly to get the next customers in.  Since you don’t lose Coins for burning food (only when you throw food away), fill ALL your cooking pans with food when you reach the last 4-5 customers.  That way you’ll have plenty of cooked food ready to serve.

Upgrading your cooking appliances is key.   Because of the high number of customers and each ordering multiple dishes, you’ll also want to upgrade any interior items that increase customer patience; that way they’ll wait a little longer while you prepare their dishes.

It is also one of the restaurants that offer an automated cooking machine.  The automated cooking machine makes completing this level easier and much more enjoyable.  You won’t have to worry about cooking or burning your food and can focus on keeping your customers happy.  The automated cooker becomes available around level 27 and is a limited-time special offer.  So if you don’t purchase it within the 72 hour period, you won’t get another chance to buy it later.  Unless you need to increase prices to pass levels with 3 stars, save up your gems for the machine and don’t upgrade the cooking pans beyond Upgrade 2.

There are 3 sections to this guide:

  • Kitchen and Interior Upgrades
  • Level Guide And Strategy
  • Restaurant Tasks Overview

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Kitchen Items, Upgrade Costs and Availability

We were able to acheive 3 stars by upgrading 40% of the items.  The items we upgraded are highlighted below.

Kitchen ItemUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Availability
Teapot**$2500 + 12 gems*
Tea$2200 + 10 gems***
Tabletop**$5000 + 20 gems*
Plates$4000 + 15 gems***
Sausage Pan*$2500 + 5 gems**
Sausage*$2000 + 5 gems**
Tomato**$2500 + 10 gems*
Beans**$2500 + 10 gems*
Bread**$2500 + 10 gems*
Omelet Pan*$2500 + 5 gems**
Eggs*$2000 + 5 gems**
Biscuit Oven**$3500 + 15 gems*
Biscuit$2200 + 10 gems***
Black Pudding Pan*$2500 + 5 gems**
Black Pudding**$2500 + 10 gems*
Cottage Pie*15 gems**

Interior Items and Upgrade Costs

We were able to acheive 3 stars by upgrading 59% of the items.  The items we upgraded are highlighted below.

Interior ItemQuantityUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Extra ClientsCustomer Waiting TimeTip Amount IncreaseTip Time
Tables4**$1800 + 6 gems*x*x*
Logo1**$1800 + 5 gems**x**
Dart Machine1$4000 + 15 gems**x****
Flower1*$1500 + 3 gems***x**
Painting1$1500 + 5 gems****x**
Hunting Trophy1********
Fireplace1*$1500 + 5 gems***x**
Stuffed Animal1*$3000 + 12 gems***x**

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