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Cooking Fever Tournament Overview

The developers of Cooking Fever recently introduced their first ever tournament game.  As with all new features, this may need a few tweeks before the next tournament is rolled out.   The 4 day tournament was in the Fast Food Court and required 20,000 coins and 20 gems to participate.  The invite screen showed the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and said that over 1 million gems and 250 million coins would be distributed in prizes.  They probably received that many coins and gems from participants, but based on the leaderboard tallies it didn’t look like that’s how much they were paying out in prizes.  We managed to reach 8th place at one point by playing the game for playing 63 levels, and that only qualified us for a 10 gem prize.  And to add insult to injury we probably spent 60 extra gems along the way to make restaurant upgrades and buy necessary cupcakes, in addition to the 20 gem addmission fee.   The players that ultimately won the tournament managed to somehow play straight through hundreds of levels!

The developers may change things up a little for future tournaments based on feedback from users, but here are some of our observations for this first tournament: 

Unless you are playing in a fully upgraded restaurant where you have already upgraded all Kitchen and Interior upgrades to level 3 including getting extra clients, you’ll probably have to use treats (cupcakes, cookies…) to earn enough to reach the level’s goal.

Even with a fully upgraded restaurant in some levels customers only ordered one item (just a soda or a plain burger), so we still needed to use cupcakes in order to pass the level. 

If you fail a level, you are offered the opportunity to continue playing at your current level for a cost of 2 gems otherwise you can start over at level 1.

Have extra gems on hand to buy cupcakes and/or re-play a level if you fail.

If you compete in the tournament and really want a chance at winning, you will want to have a lot of free time available because you’ll need to complete hundreds of levels.

Make sure your mobile device is fully charged and that you have access to additional power.  

So, will we participate in future tournaments if they’re the same as this one?  Probably not.  The amount of time and gems needed would have been better spent replaying and upgrading restaurants in the game.

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