Cooking Fever – Experience Points XP

Cooking Fever – Experience Points XP

Experience Points (AKA – XP) are points you earn as
you play Cooking Fever and gain more experience.  Your level of
experience is displayed at the top right of the screen.  This also
displays how many points are needed to advance to the next experience
level.  You will receive coins and gems each time you advance to the
next experience level.  You will initially earn 2 gems and then a
maximum of 7 gems.  See the table below which shows how much you earn per XP level advance.  Some restaurants offer higher game-play experience
points; this includes the Breakfast Cafe and Sushi Restaurant at Levels
30 or higher, which will give you between 500-900 points per play.  You
can replay these levels to increase your XP points, which will also earn
you more coins and gems.

Several restaurants will not become available for purchase until you have a specific XP level.

earn XP when you upgrade Kitchen and Interior items.  The amount of XP
earned for an upgrade is displayed on each item.  The Seafood Restaurant
gives you 700 XP points for upgrading the aquarium, although it costs
you 22 gems.

You also earn XP and coins when you complete
Restaurant Tasks and Game Achievements.  Our individual restaurant pages
provide a list of each task and the Game Achievements list can be found

Each time you advance to a new XP level, you will earn coins and gems.

XP LevelCoin RewardGem RewardXP Points Needed For Next LevelNoteworthy
53005350Bakery Available
75005650Casino Available
1360061700Pizzeria Available
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