Cooking Fever – Restaurant Kitchen Upgrade Gem Costs

Cooking Fever – Restaurant Kitchen Upgrade Gem Costs

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This list displays the gem upgrade costs for each restaurant, along with XP received for level 40 and the daily income.   Some restaurants require a lot of upgrades in order to pass levels.  This can be really frustrating if you’re just starting out, or you are running low on gems;  so it may be best to purchase a restaurant that doesn’t require as many gems to upgrade.

The number of gems needed to upgrade all kitchen items to Level 1 and Level 2 are shown.  However, it’s not always necessary to upgrade every kitchen item in order to pass levels.

If you’re trying to figure out which restaurants you should buy, we’ve listed our preferred purchase order.  After playing 4 iterations of Cooking Fever from the beginning, our preferred purchase order for Paradise Island when we’re just starting out is listed below.  Our rationale is that we want restaurants that earn a lot of XP and don’t require as many coins/gems to upgrade.  So we save the restaurants with the lowest earning XP and/or most expensive to upgrade for last.


  • Fast Food Court
  • Sports Bar (after reaching XP 7)
  • Hell’s Kitchen (after reaching XP 16)
  • Bakery
  • Breakfast Cafe
  • Sushi Restaurant
  • Chinese
  • Pizza
  • Indian
  • Seafood


RestaurantCostLocationKitchen L1 GemsKitchen L2 GemsDaily Income XP @ Level 40
Fast Food Court0City1016372130
Bakery5000 + 10 gemsCity2447732208
Chinese Restaurant10000 + 20 gemsCity35130702227
Indian Diner15000 + 30 gemsCity63262900345
Pizzeria15000 + 30 gemsCity**879338
Seafood Bistro25000 + 50 gemsCity101304918401
Breakfast Cafe10000 + 20 gemsCity**960588
Sushi Restaurant10000 + 20 gemsCity30130*1002791
Sports Bar5000 + 10 gemsCity2985648425/934
Hell’s Kitchen10000 + 15 gemsCity41104695440/1117
Ice Cream Bar15000 + 25 gemsParadise Island71155912631
Paradise Cocktail Bar25000 + 25 gemsParadise Island71148975744
Corn Dog Van25000 + 25 gemsParadise Island471201002833
Café Mexicana20000 + 25 gemsParadise Island5311810021104
House of Crab25000 + 25 gemsParadise Island721421002929
Sunset Waffles30000 + 30 gemsParadise Island5192968704
Italian Buffet25000 + 25 gemsAlpine Mountains61129968472
Michelle’s Cafe35000 + 25 gemsAlpine Mountains53128741*
Aloha Bistro35000 + 25 gemsAlpine Mountains621389791104
Salad Bar35000 + 25 gemsAlpine Mountains64144978725
Smokey Grill25000 + 25 gemsAlpine Mountains48991008841
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