Cooking Fever – Fast Food Restaurant Strategy Guide

Cooking Fever – Fast Food Restaurant Strategy Guide

Level Guide

Use this level guide to help develop your playing strategy. 

Number of Guests – This number can be an indicator of how much people will order and what they may be ordering.  After Level 15, a low number of guests might mean that they will be ordering multiple menu items or it could be an indicator that there won’t be enough earnings to get 3 stars unless you hand out treats or increase the price of the popular items.  A high number of guests might be an indicator that many guests will be just ordering beverages or an add-on item instead of the main dishes.

First Orders – These are the first food items that customers will be ordering when the Level starts.  There is a slight delay before the first customer shows up, so use this information to prepare their orders in advance and get a jump start on the level.

Popular Foods – These are menu items that are ordered often during the level.  Prepare these items in advance and store them on your Tabletop or on warmers so that they are ready to hand out as soon as they are ordered.  Upgrading these items before starting the level can also increase your level earnings.

Noteworthy – This is extra information that might be helpful during the level.

LevelMinimum GoalNumber of GuestsFirst OrdersPopular FoodsNoteworthy
1909Only Hamburgers and Cola$10 Completion Bonus; Only Hamburgers and Cola
210010Only Hamburgers and ColaOnly Hamburgers and Cola
311010Only Hamburgers and ColaOnly Hamburgers and Cola ; Upgrade Food Warmer to L1
4130112 Hot Dogs, Hamburger, ColaBurger and ColaHot Dogs now available
5150133 Hamburgers, 3 Colas, Hot Dog$200 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Burger Fry Pan to L1 and Coca-Cola Dispenser to L2 
6160152 Colas, Hot Dog, HamburgerHamburger
7180153 Colas, 3 Hot DogsUpgrade Hot Dog Grill Pan to L1
8190143 Colas, 3 Hot Dogs, 1 HamburgerHamburgerKetchup now available
9195162 Colas, 2 HamburgersUpgrade Hamburger and Hot Dog Tabletops to L2
10200163 Colas, 3 Hamburgers$300 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Burger Patties to L1
11210153 Colas, 2 Hot Dogs, 2 HamburgersHamburgerLettuce now available;  Upgrade Sausages to L1
12220173 Colas, 2 Hot Dogs, 2 HamburgersHamburger with TomatoTomato now available
13234164 Colas, 2 Hot Dogs, 2 HamburgersColas, Hot Dogs
14240163 Hot Dogs, 4 ColasHot DogsUpgrade Ketchup, Lettuce Leaves and Tomatoes to L1
15245173 Colas, 2 Hot Dogs, 2 HamburgersColas, Hot Dogs$400 Completion Bonus
16260202 Hamburgers, 3 ColasRe-play levels 11-15 to get more coins
17275163 Hamburgers, 2 Hot Dogs, 3 ColasUpgrade Hamburger Buns and Hot Dog Buns to L1; 
18280193 Colas, 1 Hot Dog, 2 Hamburgers, 1 French FryColasFrench Fries now available
19285182 Colas, 2 Hot Dog, 2 Hamburgers, 2 French FriesUpgrade Deep Fryer to L1;  Buy the Cooking Machine if available
20290191 Cola, 4 HamburgersHamburger$500 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Burger Patties, Sausages, Ketchup, Lettuce Leaves, and Deep Fryer to L2
21300211 Cola, 1 Hot Dog, 2 French FriesFrench FriesUpgrade Tomatoes to L2;  Replay Levels 16-20 for Coins which should also advance you to XP Level 7 by now; making the Casino available.  Head to Casino and place 4 $500 bets to get 15 gems (remember what time you won!  You will have to wait 24 hours plus 1 minute to win gems again). 
22310211 Cola, 1 Hot Dog, 2 Hamburgers, 1 French FriesColaUpgrade Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns to L2
23320184 Colas, 1 Hot Dog, 1 Hamburger, 3 French FriesKetchup and FriesUpgrade Ketchup, Lettuce Leaves, Tomatoes to L2
24330213 Colas, 2 Hot Dogs, 1 Hamburger, 2 French FriesBegin upgrading Interior Items that only require Coins; replay previous levels if necessary
25335232 Hot Dogs, 2 Hamburgers, 3 French FriesHamburger$600 Completion Bonus
26350191 Cola, 1 Hot Dog, 2 Hamburgers, 4 French Fries
27370184 Colas, 1 Hot Dog, 2 Hamburger, 1 French FryHot Dogs and French Fries
28390251 Cola, 1 Hot Dog, 1 Hamburger, 4 French FriesHamburger and ColaLots of customers: Pre-cook and serve Hamburgers quickly
29405193 Colas, 2 Hot Dogs, 3 HamburgersHamburger and ColaUpgrade Deep Fryer to L3 and French Fries to L1
30415252 Colas, 2 Hot Dogs, 1 Hamburger, 1 French FryFrench Fries$700 Completion Bonus;  Lots of customers: Pre-cook and serve French Fries quickly
31425271 Cola, 1 Hot Dog, 2 Hamburgers, 3 French FriesHamburgerLots of customer: serve quickly
32435261 Cola, 4 Hot Dogs, 3 French FriesFrench Fries
33445291 Cola, 2 Hot Dogs, 1 Hamburger, 3 French FriesHamburgers and Hot Dogs
34455261 Cola, 1 Hot Dogs, 2 Hamburgers, 4 French FriesHamburgers then Hot Dogs
35470252 Colas, 2 Hot Dogs, 3 Hamburgers, 3 French FriesHot Dogs and Colas, then Hamburgers$800 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Coca-Cola Dispenser to L3
36475273 Colas, 3 Hamburgers, 1 French FryHot Dogs, Colas, French FriesUpgrade Coca-Cola to L1
37485261 Colas, 3 Hamburgers, 1 Hot Dog, 4 French FriesFrench Fries
38500271 Cola, 3 Hot Dogs, 5 French FriesHot Dogs with Ketchup
39510241 Hot Dog, 3 Hamburgers, 2 French FriesHot Dogs
40520251 Cola, 3 Hot Dogs, 1 Hamburger, 4 French Fries$1000 Completion Bonus

Strategy and Upgrade Notes

  • As you first start this restaurant, and as soon as you have enough coins, begin upgrading your Cola Dispenser, Pans, and Tabletops to Level 2. Don’t upgrade your Pans beyond Level 2.
  • Don’t do any upgrades that require gems. 
  • The Automatic Burger and Sausage Machine becomes available at Level 17 for 15 gems and it will only be available for 72 hours.  However, you should save your gems and not purchase it unless you really need it. 
  • Beginning at Levels 15-20, you will need to start upgrading coin-only interior items to increase customer waiting time and tip time.
  • Replay levels a few times so you can quickly increase your coins and XP
  • Once you have the French Fry machine (it appears at Level 18), get in the habit of routinely clicking on the Fryer throughout a level to keep it fully stocked at all times even when its already full.  It doesn’t refill itself automatically like the Cola Dispenser.
  • Fully upgrade your Kitchen Tabletop by Level 20, but no later than Level 30.
  • Upgrade your Cola Dispenser no later than Level 10.
  • Replay levels to increase your stars, increase your XP, and earn 20,000 coins which you will need for the Bakery.

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