Cooking Fever – Automatic Food Cooking Machines

Cooking Fever – Automatic Food Cooking Machines

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Automatic Food Machines

Automatic food machines become available for several restaurants. These machines will automatically cook or prepare food for you, and food won’t burn.  They are upgrades that are offered at different levels; usually after Level 20.  They also make it easier and more enjoyable to complete levels.  You can purchased these with Gems (and sometimes also Coins), and they tend to be fairly expensive.  The price also seems to vary among different Players. 


The Automatic Machines are only available for a limited time (usually only 72 hours) after they become available.  A good strategy is to make sure you have enough Gems available to purchase the machine before starting any level above 20.  You won’t get another chance to purchase the Automatic food machine once 72 hours have passed.    


If you still need to upgrade your cooking tops after you have purchased the automatic machine, you can safely turn it off temporarily; you won’t have to re-buy it in order to turn it back on again.  You turn the machine on/off in the Kitchen Upgrades screen.



In some restaurants, they are a necessity in order to pass levels with 3 stars.  In other restaurants, they are more of a luxury and make the restaurant more enjoyable to play, but aren’t needed to pass restaurant levels with 3 stars. The guide below lists some of the upgrade costs for these machines, along with suggestions on whether you should buy the machine.  

 RestaurantDescriptionCostAvailable Comments
Cooking Fever Fast Food Automatic CookerFast FoodAutomated hot dog/hamburger cooker10 to 15Level 17Save your gems.  Don’t buy this unless you really need it.
 Cooking Fever Cocktail Bar Automatic Ice MakerCocktail bar Automated ice maker40Level 27 
Cooking Fever Chinese Restaurant Automatic MachineChinese restaurantAutomated shrimp/fish/chicken cooker30-40  
Cooking Fever Breakfast Bistro Automatic CookerBreakfast barAutomated sausage/egg/pudding cooker30 to 40 Level 31 
Cooking Fever Seafood Automatic MachineSeafoodAutomated seafood machine50 to 70 Level 27 
Cooking Fever - Automatic Glazed Sticks CookerBarcelona Sports BarAutomatic Glazed Sticks Cooker5000 coins and 10 gemsLevel 27
Cooking Fever Hell's Kitchen Automatic Tuna CookerHell’s KitchenAutomatic Tuna Cooker30Level 27
 Cooking Fever Automatic Wafer Cone MachineIce Cream ParlorAutomated waffle maker30  
 cafe-mexicana-automatic-meat-minerMexican RestaurantAutomated meat mincer40Level 27 
Cooking Fever - Sunset Waffles Automatic Waffle MakerSunset WafflesAutomatic Waffle Maker40Level 27
Cooking Fever House Of Crab Automatic Zucchini FryerHouse Of CrabAutomatic Zucchini Fryer40
Cooking Fever Smokey Grill BBQ Automatic Ginger Ale DispenserSmokey Grill BBQAutomatic Ginger Ale Dispenser20
Cooking Fever - Salad Bar Automatic Lettuce WasherSalad BarAutomatic Lettuce Washer40
Cooking Fever - Aloha Bistro Automatic Laulau WrapperAloha BistroAutomatic Laulau Wrapper40
Cooking Fever - Thai Food Stall Automatic WokThai Food StallAutomatic Wok30After Level  27
Cooking Fever Michelle's Cafe Automatic Stroopwafel MakerMichelle’s CafeAutomatic Stroopwafel Maker40
Cooking Fever - Sirtaki Taverna Automatic Gyro WrapperSirtaka TavernaAutomatic Gyro Machine40
Cooking Fever Sandwich Shop Automatic Soup MakerSandwich ShopAutomatic Soup Maker30

Questions, tricks or tips?

If you have any questions or want to share some strategy tips for the automatic food cooking machines in Cooking Fever, please share them in the comments section below. 

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