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Cooking Fever - Sunset Waffles Restaurant Strategy Overview

Sunset Waffles is one of the newest restaurants in Cooking Fever and was released in June 2016.  You'll be serving up rectangule and round waffles along with a variety of toppings, which include whipped cream, chocolate, strawberries and wildberries.  Your customers can also choose from 3 milkshake flavors and add a cupcake to their order.  Cupcakes tend to be very popular.  Sometime after level 27, you'll be offered the option to purchase an automatic waffle machine.  It will only be available for 72 hours and costs 40 gems.  If you are good at multitasking, you may not need to purchase it in order to complete this restaurant with 3 stars on all levels.  

See the Strategy and Upgrade Tips at the bottom of this page for more insider tricks to passing levels.

Kitchen Items, Upgrade Costs and Availability

Kitchen ItemUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Availability
Rectangular Waffle Maker5000 + 4 gems7000 + 6 gems9000 + 6 gemsImmediately
Dough5000 + 4 gems7500 + 6 gems10000 + 9 gemsImmediately
Milkshake Mixer3000 + 4 gems7500 + 7 gems15000 + 7 gemsImmediately
Milkshake Glass2500 +3 gems5000 + 4 gems7500 + 5 gemsImmediately
Tabletop3000 + 3 gems4000 + 7 gems5000 + 9 gemsImmediately
Plates2500 + 3 gems5000 + 7 gems7500 + 9 gemsImmediately
Honey3500 + 7 gems4000 + 8 gems4500 + 9 gemsLevel 3
Round Waffle Maker5000 + 4 gems7000 + 6 gems9000 + 6 gemsLevel 7
Strawberries750010000 + 2 gems15000 + 4 gemsLevel 10
Cream Mixer3500 + 3 gems5500 + 5 gems7500 + 3 gemsLevel 14
Whipped Cream2000 + 5 gems4000 + 6 gems6000 + 7 gemsLevel 14
Cupcake Oven1500 + 3 gems2500 + 5 gems3500 + 7 gemsLevel 18
Cupcakes2000 + 5 gems4000 + 6 gems6000 + 7 gemsLevel 18
Wildberries1500 + 3 gems3000  + 6 gems4500 + 9 gemsLevel 22
Chocolate Mousse011 gems*Level 27

Interior Items and Upgrade Costs

Interior ItemQuantityUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Extra ClientsCustomer Waiting TimeTip Amount IncreaseTip Time Increased
Tables15000 + 3 gems7500 + 5 gems***XX*
Tables11000015000 + 2 gemsXX
Bar Tables23000 + 4 gems***X**
Conditioners12000 + 3 gems*****X
Pictures15000 + 3 gems*****X
Telescope15000 + 3 gems*****X
Lights15000 + 4 gems7500 + 6 gems**X**
Logo 113000 + 4 gems***X**
Fireplace18000 + 10 gems**X***
Plants15000 + 4 gems***X**

Level Guide

Use this level guide to help develop your playing strategy. 

Number of Guests - This number can be an indicator of how much people will order and what they may be ordering.  After Level 15, a low number of guests might mean that they will be ordering multiple menu items or it could be an indicator that there won't be enough earnings to get 3 stars unless you hand out treats or increase the price of the popular items.  A high number of guests might be an indicator that many guests will be just ordering beverages or an add-on item instead of the main dishes.

Popular Foods - These are menu items that are ordered often during the level.  Prepare these items in advance and store them on your Tabletop or on warmers so that they are ready to hand out as soon as they are ordered.  Upgrading these items before starting the level can also increase your level earnings.

Noteworthy - This is extra information that might be helpful during the level.

LevelMinimum GoalNumber of GuestsPopular FoodsNoteworthy
115012*$50 Completion Bonus
2*12*Upgrade Rectangular Waffle Maker, Milkshake Mixer and Tabletop to Level 1
325512*Honey now available
431513*Upgrade Dough and Chocolate to Level 1
513Honey$150 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Honey to Level 1
740514Chocolate MilkshakesRound Waffle Maker now available
841014Round Waffles*
941514Chocolate Milkshakes*
1042015Chocolate Milkshakes$300 Completion Bonus
1455516*Whipped Cream now available
1556016*$500 Completion Bonus
1857517*Cupcakes now available
2067018*$700 Completion Bonus
2185018Round Waffles*
2290019*Wildberry now available
2390519Wildberry Milkshake*
25100020Cupcakes$1000 Completion Bonus
27110520MilkshakesChocolate Mousse now available
30120021Cupcakes$1500 Completion Bonus; all waffles have whipped cream
35125023$2000 Completion Bonus*
40131023$3000 Completion Bonus*

Strategy and Upgrade Tips

  • Continually click on your Milkshake and Whipped Cream machines throughout the level so that they are always refilling the xx.  Keep them fully stocked at all times and click on them even when its already full.  
  • To pass Level 5 & 6 with 3 stars, you'll need to upgrade your Rectangle Waffles, Waffle Maker, Milkshake Mixer,  Milkshake Glass, Dough, Plates, Honey and Chocolate to at least level 2.
  • The Automatic Waffle Maker becomes available after Level 27 and can be purchased for 40 gems.
  • Don't be afraid to upgrade - all of your improvements will pay off
  • Waffles can burn, so don't let cooked waffles stay on the waffle makers too long.

Restaurant Tasks

Upgrade your Rectangular Waffle Maker to Level 15050*
Serve 50 rectangular waffle dishes7575*
Upgrade your Round Waffle Maker to Level 1100150*
Serve 50 round waffle dishes125150*
Don't lose any clients for 5 levels in a row200200Extend customer waiting time by upgrading the following items in the Interior Upgrades window: Lights, Logo, Plants, Bar Tables
Get tips from every customer in one level250250In order to extend customer tipping time go to the Interior Upgrades and upgrade the following items: Conditioners, Telescope, Rugs, Pictures
Serve 3 dishes with chocolate in 5 seconds250250Upgrade one of your Waffle Makers or upgrade the Milkshake Mixer, get 3 chocolate dishes ready and then wait for customers to order
Upgrade every kitchen item to Level 1150300*
Upgrade every interior item to Level 1150300*
Upgrade your Chocolate to Level 2125200*
Upgrade your Honey to Level 2125200*
Serve 50 Chocolate Milkshakes100200*
Serve 50 Strawberry Milkshakes100200*
Serve 50 Wildberry Milkshakes100200*
Upgrade your Cream Mixer to Level 3150250*
Upgrade your Cupcake Oven to Level 3150250*
Complete 4 customers orders in 7 seconds400400*
Upgrade every kitchen item to Level500500*
Upgrade every interior item to Level 3500500*
Complete every level with 3 stars600600*


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