Cooking Fever – Sandwich Shop Strategy Guide

Cooking Fever – Sandwich Shop Strategy Guide

Level Guide

Use this level guide to help develop your playing strategy. 

Number of Guests – This number can be an indicator of how much people will order and what they may be ordering.  After Level 15, a low number of guests might mean that they will be ordering multiple menu items or it could be an indicator that there won’t be enough earnings to get 3 stars unless you hand out treats or increase the price of the popular items.  A high number of guests might be an indicator that many guests will be just ordering beverages or an add-on item instead of the main dishes.

First Orders – These are the first food items that customers will be ordering when the Level starts.  There is a slight delay before the first customer shows up, so use this information to prepare their orders in advance and get a jump start on the level.

Popular Foods – These are menu items that are ordered often during the level.  Prepare these items in advance and store them on your Tabletop or on warmers so that they are ready to hand out as soon as they are ordered.  Upgrading these items before starting the level can also increase your level earnings.

Noteworthy – This is extra information that might be helpful during the level.

LevelMinimum GoalNumber of GuestsPopular FoodsNoteworthy
$50 Completion Bonus; Upgrade your Cutting Board to L1 to speed up chopping veggies
Upgrade Foot-Long Bread, Wrapping Paper, Tomatoes and Cucumber to L1
Orange Soda and Dispenser now available; Upgrade Toaster Oven and Pulled Pork to L1
Upgrade Cola and Orange Soda to L1 to increase points
58012Cola and Orange Soda
$150 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Chicken Breast to L1 Upgrade Cola and Orange Soda Dispensers to L1
Upgrade Foot-Long Bread and Wrapping Paper to L2
$300 Completion Bonus
1121013Cola and Orange Soda
Upgrade Cola and Orange Soda Dispensers to L2
Eggs now available; Upgrade Eggs to L1
Upgrade Chips Stand, Trash Bin, Palms and Vending Machine to L1
The first order of Chicken includes both Cucumber and Tomato; orders contain two toppings
$500 Completion Bonus; Soup now available; Upgrade Soup and Soup Stove to L1
1629015Chicken with Tomato
Upgrade Toaster Oven to L2
Upgrade Soup to L2
Square Bread now available; Upgrade Square Bread to L1
Upgrade Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Eggs to L2
$700 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Cola and Orange Soda to L2
Begin upgrading more food items to increase prices
Lemon soda now available; Upgrade Lemon Soda and Lemon Soda Dispenser to L1 and Soup Stove to L2
Upgrade Lemon Soda L2, Wrapping Paper to L3
Bologna Sausage now available; Upgrade Bologna Sausage to L1
2561017Cola and Orange Soda
$1000 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Lemon Soda Dispenser to L2
2665018Lemon Soda
Upgrade Pulled Pork, Square Bread and Chicken Breast to L2
Upgrade Bologna Sausage to L2 and Lemon Soda to L3
2875018Bologna and Cucumber
Chocolate Chip Cookies now available; Upgrade Interior items that increase customer waiting time.
Upgrade Cutting Board to L3 and Food Warmer to L2
$1500 Completion bonus; half sandwiches now available
Upgrade Toaster Oven to L3
Upgrade Foot-Long Breat to L3
3388020Egg and Tomato
Upgrade Square Bread to L3
3490020Square Bread*

Strategy and Upgrade Tips And Tricks

  • Upgrade your cutting board.  It will save you a lot of time!
  • Upgrade and use 2 cutting boards for faster preparation
  • Upgrade your Toaster Oven.  It’s very important
  • If your customers are leaving too early, buy some Interior upgrades to keep them around
  • The Food Warmer becomes available at Level 8.  Store pre-made Chicken Tomato Sandwiches on the food warmer to save time.
  • Upgrading the Food Warmer also allows you to store wrong orders, in case another customer orders it later.
  • Cola and Orange Juice Dispensers will need to be upgraded before Level 13 in order to pass.
  • Begin upgrading Interior items that increase Customer patience
  • By Level 14, Sandwiches can have two toppings
  • The food upgrades that increase price the most are Pulled Pork (4), Chicken Breast (4), Soup (3), Cola (3) and Orange Soda (3) 
  • At Level 30, customers can begin asking for half of a Foot-Long or Square Bread sandwich.  You will need to upgrade your Food Warmer at this point in order to store extra halves.
  • Once half sandwiches become available, you will need more time for preparation.  Upgrade Interior items that increase customer waiting time.
  • Four tasks for this restaurant include earning gems for completion.
  • The tasks include some interesting challenges, which is always fun.

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