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Salad Bar Restaurant Strategy Overview

Cooking Fever's Salad Bar is located in the Alpine Mountains and serves a variety of Ham or Bacon salads and a veggie wrap.  Oddly, the salad bar doesn't offer salad dressing.  Which is probably a good thing, because all the lettuce washing and chopping of each ingredient that is necessary is hard enough.  Fortunately, an Automatic Lettuce Washer becomes available after Level 27.  It is available for 72 hours only, and costs 40 gems.  It's a necessity just to keep up with orders.  So if you don't have enough gems to buy it, don't play above Level 25 until you have 40 gems.

  • Don't forget to eat your vegetables!
  • Salad Bar is coming to the Alpine Resort!
  • Eat healthy and serve delicious salads, vegetarian smoothies and wraps!
  • Get Your Green On in this new, fresh and exciting restaurant!

See the Strategy and Upgrade Tips at the bottom of this page for more insider tricks to passing levels.

Kitchen Items, Upgrade Costs and Availability

We were able to get 2 stars on all levels by upgrading the items highlighted below: 

Kitchen ItemUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Availability
Lettuce3000 + 4 gems6000 + 8 gems9000 + 12 gemsImmediately
Washing Sink4000 + 5 gems8000 + 10 gems12000 + 15 gemsImmediately
Cutting Board4000 + 5 gems8000 + 10 gems12000 + 15 gemsImmediately
Tabletop3000 + 4 gems5000 + 8 gems7000 + 12 gemsImmediately
Plates3000 + 3 gems5000 + 7 gems7000 + 11 gemsImmediately
Smoothie Dispenser3000 + 4 gems5000 + 8 gems7000 + 12 gemsImmediately
Smoothie3000 + 4 gems6000 + 8 gems7000 + 12 gemsImmediately
Chicken Oven3000 + 5 gems6000 + 9 gems9000 + 13 gemsImmediately
Chicken Breast4000 + 5 gems8000 + 10 gems12000 + 15 gemsImmediately
Tomato3000 + 3 gems5000 + 7 gems7000 + 11 gemsImmediately
Cucumber3000 + 3 gems5000 + 7 gems7000 + 11 gemsLevel 3
Bacon Oven3000 + 5 gems6000 + 9 gems9000 + 13 gemsLevel 7
Bacon4000 + 5 gems8000 + 10 gems12000 + 15 gemsLevel 7
Food Warmer1000015000 + 2 gems20000 + 2 gemsLevel 7
Olives2000 + 3 gems4000 + 6 gems6000 + 9 gemsLevel 10
Tortilla3000 + 3 gems5000 + 7 gems7000 + 11 gemsLevel 15
Yogurt3000 + 3 gems5000 + 7 gems7000 + 11 gemsLevel 15
Feta Cheese70001400021000 + 2 gemsLevel 20
Chocolate Strawberry011 gemsLevel 25

Interior Items and Upgrade Costs

We were able to get 2 stars on all levels by upgrading the items highlighted below: 

Interior ItemQuantityUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Extra ClientsCustomer Waiting TimeTip Amount IncreaseTip Time Increased
Tables13000 + 3 gems4000 +  4 gems***x*
Orange Tree14000 + 2 gems6000 + 3 gems****x
Flowers11000015000 + 2 gems****x
Feedback Board14000 + 2 gems6000 + 3 gems**x**
Lights24000 + 2 gems*****x
Mini Garden110000 + 10 gems**x***
Logo14000 + 2 gems***x**
Salad Bar13000 + 3 gems4000 +  4 gems***x*
Menu14000 + 2 gems***x**
Side Tables14000 + 2 gems*****x
Product Stand14000 +  2 gems6000 + 3 gems

Level Guide

Use this level guide to help develop your playing strategy. 

Number of Guests - This number can be an indicator of how much people will order and what they may be ordering.  After Level 15, a low number of guests might mean that they will be ordering multiple menu items or it could be an indicator that there won't be enough earnings to get 3 stars unless you hand out treats or increase the price of the popular items.  A high number of guests might be an indicator that many guests will be just ordering beverages or an add-on item instead of the main dishes.

First Orders - These are the first food items that customers will be ordering when the Level starts.  There is a slight delay before the first customer shows up, so use this information to prepare their orders in advance and get a jump start on the level.

Popular Foods - These are menu items that are ordered often during the level.  Prepare these items in advance and store them on your Tabletop or on warmers so that they are ready to hand out as soon as they are ordered.  Upgrading these items before starting the level can also increase your level earnings.

Noteworthy - This is extra information that might be helpful during the level.    This includes upgrade strategy recommendations.

LevelMinimum GoalNumber of GuestsPopular FoodsNoteworthy
17012*$50 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Plates to L1
28012Upgrade Lettuce, Tabletop, Smoothie and Chicken Breast to L1
311012*Cucumber now available
414012*Upgrade Cucumber and Tomato to L1
516013*$150 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Smoothie Dispenser and Smoothie to L2
618013SmoothieUpgrade Plates to L2
718513*Bacon Oven, Bacon and Food Warmer now available; Upgrade Washing Sink, Bacon, Food Warmer and Cutting Board to L1
1022014*Olives now available; $300 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Washing Sink, Lettuce, and Cutting Board to L2
1227014SmoothieUpgrade Olives to L1
1330014*Upgrade Bacon Oven to L2
1431015BaconUpgrade Cutting Board and Washing Sink to L3
1531515*Tortilla and Yogurt now available; $500 Completion Bonus
1640016*Upgrade Chicken Breast and Bacon to L2
1746016*Upgrade Food Warmer to L2
2055016*$700 Completion Bonus; Feta Cheese now available; Upgrade Tortilla and Yogurt to L1
2156017Wraps and SmoothieUpgrade Feta Cheese to L1
2260017*Upgrade Food Warmer, Lettuce, Chicken Breast, Bacon to L3
2375017*Upgrade all remaining food items to at least L2 and Plates to L3
2490017*Upgrade Smoothie Dispenser to L3
2595018Smoothie$1000 Completion Bonus
27125018*Upgrade Chicken Oven and Bacon Oven to L1
30133019*$1500 Completion Bonus
31134019*Upgrade Chicken Oven and Bacon Oven to L2
35155021*$2000 Completion Bonus
39185022Wraps and SmoothieTo pass this level, ignore the guy wanting 3 wraps.
40205022*$3000 Completion Bonus

Strategy and Upgrade Tips

  • Lettuce is used in every dish.  Upgrade it first!
  • The Cutting Board is very important.  Upgrade it first!
  • Upgrading the Cutting Board significantly reduces the amount of taps needed to chop food.
  • Upgrade your Washing Sink and Cutting Board to Level 3 as soon as possible.
  • By Level 15, begin making Interior Upgrade to increase customer patience.
  • Chicken Breast and Bacon upgrades increase price by $4.
  • Smoothie and Lettuce upgrades increase price by $3; all other food items upgrade price by $2.
  • Before Level 24, you will need to have upgraded all you Kitchen food items to at least L2
  • Upgrade your Tabletop to L2 after you get the Automatic Lettuce Washer
  • Begin upgrading Interior items by Level 30 to increase tips, and by Level 35 to increase patience.
  • Without any Interior upgrades, Levels 25, 37, 39 and 40 required giving out Chocolate Strawberries in order to get 3 stars.
  • The Automatic Lettuce Washer becomes available after Level 27.

Restaurant Tasks

Serve 100 Salad dishes50100*
Serve 100 Smoothies50100*
Get tips from every customer in one level75150In order to extend customer tipping time, go to the Interior Upgrades window and upgrade the following items: Orange Tree, Lights, Side Tables, Flowers
Complete the Levels 1-10 with 3 stars75150*
Upgrade every Kitchen item to Level 150100*
Upgrade every Interior item to Level 150100*
Serve 200 dishes with Olives100200*
Serve 200 dishes with Feta Cheese100200*
Complete the Levels 1-20 with 3 stars75250*
Upgrade your Chocolate Strawberry to Level 2100200*
Upgrade every Kitchen item to Level 2100200*
Upgrade every Interior item to Level 2100200*
Upgrade your Food Warmer to Level 3150300*
Upgrade your Flowers to Level 3150300*
Serve 300 Wraps150300*
Complete 3 customer orders in 6 seconds150300Wait until 3 customers arrive. Then serve them as quickly as possible.
Serve 20 Chocolate Strawberries150300*
Upgrade every Kitchen item to Level 3200400*
Upgrade every Interior item to Level 3200400*
Complete every level with 3 stars250500*

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Questions, tricks or tips?

If you have any questions or want to share some strategy tips for the Salad Bar Restaurant in Cooking Fever, please share them in the comments section below.  We'll post the questions and the answers on this page.