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Cooking Fever - Hell's Kitchen Restaurant Strategy Overview

Cooking Fever's Hell's Kitchen restaurant is located in the City and serves fine cuisine to impatient customers.  This restaurant's upgrades are a little different from the others; upgrades are less expensive in both coins and gems.  An Automatic Tuna Cooker becomes available later in the game, which makes it easier to multitask.  We were definitely expecting the restaurant to have steak and risotto like the TV show with perhaps a twist such as customer happiness based on how well it was cooked.  And maybe a cameo from Gordon himself?  Instead, we're cooking Pan Seared Tuna coated in Sesame Seeds with sides such as Bok Choy, Noodles and Eggs and serving them to customers who are a little more grumpy than usual.

See the Strategy and Upgrade Tips at the bottom of this page for more insider tricks to passing levels.

Kitchen Items, Upgrade Costs and Availability
We were able to get 2-3 stars on all levels by upgrading the items highlighted below: 
Kitchen ItemUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Availability
Tuna1000 + 4 gems3500 + 9 gems6000 + 14 gemsImmediately
Tuna Saute Pan1000 + 4 gems3500 + 9 gems6000 + 14 gemsImmediately
Sesame Seeds1000 + 2 gems2000 + 4 gems3000 + 6 gemsImmediately
Cutting Board1000 + 2 gems2500 + 5 gems4000 + 8 gemsImmediately
Noodles500 + 3 gems2000 + 6 gems3500 + 9 gemsImmediately
Noodle Pot1000 + 2 gems3000 + 6 gems5000 + 10 gemsImmediately
Peach Iced Tea1000 + 2 gems2500 + 5 gems4000 + 8 gemsImmediately
Tea Dispenser500 + 3 gems1500 + 5 gems2500 + 7 gemsImmediately
Plates1000 + 2 gems2000 + 4 gems3000 + 6 gemsImmediately
Tabletop1000 + 2 gems2500 + 5 gems4000 + 8 gemsImmediately
Bok Choy500 + 3 gems2000 + 6 gems3500 + 9 gemsLevel 3
Bok Choy Saute Pan1000 + 2 gems3000 + 6 gems5000 + 10 gemsLevel 3
Lettuce150040007000 + 2 gemsLevel 7
Food Warmer030002 gemsLevel 12
Ginger Caramelized Carrots1000 + 2 gems2500 + 5 gems4000 + 8 gemsLevel 17
Carrot Oven500 + 3 gems2000 + 6 gems3500 + 9 gemsLevel 17
Eggs500 + 3 gems2000 + 6 gems3500 + 9 gemsLevel 22
Egg Saucepan1000 + 2 gems3000 + 6 gems5000 + 10 gemsLevel 22
Raspberry Cremeux Tart011 gems20 gemsLevel 26

Interior Items and Upgrade Costs
We were able to get 2-3 stars on all levels by upgrading the items highlighted below: 
Interior ItemQuantityUpgrade 1Upgrade 2Upgrade 3Extra ClientsCustomer Waiting TimeTip Amount Increase
Tip Time Increased
Tables2500 + 3 gems1000 + 4 gems* + 5 gems**XX**
Tables1500 + 1 gem1000 + 2 gems* + 3 gems***X*
Lights1500 + 1 gem1000 + 2 gems* + 3 gems***X*
Menu11000 + 2 gems1500 + 3 gems* + 4 gems*XX***
Sculpture13500 + 6 gems* + 11 gems* + 16 gemsXX****
Chandelier1500 + 1 gem1000 + 2 gems* + 3 gems***X*
Juice Bar11000 + 2 gems1500 + 3 gems* + 4 gems*XX***
Aquarium11000 + 2 gems1500 + 3 gems* + 4 gems*XX***
Plants1500 + 1 gem1000 + 2 gems* + 3 gems*XX*X*

Level Guide

Use this level guide to help develop your playing strategy. 

Number of Guests - This number can be an indicator of how much people will order and what they may be ordering.  After Level 15, a low number of guests might mean that they will be ordering multiple menu items or it could be an indicator that there won't be enough earnings to get 3 stars unless you hand out treats or increase the price of the popular items.  A high number of guests might be an indicator that many guests will be just ordering beverages or an add-on item instead of the main dishes.

First Orders - These are the first food items that customers will be ordering when the Level starts.  There is a slight delay before the first customer shows up, so use this information to prepare their orders in advance and get a jump start on the level.

Popular Foods - These are menu items that are ordered often during the level.  Prepare these items in advance and store them on your Tabletop or on warmers so that they are ready to hand out as soon as they are ordered.  Upgrading these items before starting the level can also increase your level earnings.

Noteworthy - This is extra information that might be helpful during the level.    This includes upgrade strategy recommendations.

LevelMinimum Goal# of GuestsPopular FoodsNoteworthy
14011Pan Seared Tuna$50 Completion Bonus
27011Pan Seared TunaUpgrade Logo, Juice Bar, Aquarium, Menu, Tuna, Noodles and Plates to L1
38011Bok Choy now available; Upgrade Bok Choy, Tuna Sautee Pan, Noodle Pot, Peach Iced Tea and Tea Dispenser to L1
49011Peach Iced TeaWait to remove money until Tea is ready; Upgrade Noodle Pot to L2, Tabletop and Bok Choy Saute Pan to L1
514012Bok Choy and Noodles$150 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Tuna Saute Pan to L2, Sesame Seeds and Cutting Board to L1
615012*Upgrade Sesame Seeds, Noodles and Bok Choy to L2
716012Noodles and LettuceLettuce now available; Upgrade Lettuce to L1 then L2, upgrade Cutting Board and Tabletop to L2
817012*Upgrade Tuna to L2 and Plants to L1
920013*Upgrade Logo, Bok Choy Saute Pan and Peach Ice Tea to L2
1024013*$200 Completion Bonus
1125013*Upgrade Tea Dispenser to L2
1231013*Food Warmer now available
1332014Peach Iced TeaUpgrade Food Warmer to L2
1433014*Upgrade Plates to L2
1534014Peach Iced Tea$300 Completion Bonus
1635014*Begin upgrading remaining Food to increase prices and Interior items to increase tips
1736015*Ginger Carmelized Carrots now available
1839015*Upgrade Ginger Carmelized Carrots, Carrot Oven to L2, upgrade Cutting Board to L3
1944015*Upgrade all 3 Tables and Chandelier to L1
2046015Carmelized Carrots and Peach Iced Tea$400 Completion Bonus; Upgrade Tea Dispenser to L3
2154016*Upgrade Carrot Oven to L2
2255016Carmelized CarrotsEggs now available; Upgrade Eggs and Egg Saucepan to L1
2359016*Begin upgrading Interior items that increasing waiting time
2460016*Upgrade Eggs and Egg Saucepan to L2
2560017*$600 Completion Bonus
2670017EggsFinish upgrading any Food items that increase prices to L3
3096018*$800 Completion Bonus
33100019Peach Iced TeaDifficult level with multiple orders per customer
35104019*$1000 Completion Bonus
36117519EggsEvery order has Eggs; Upgrade Noodle Pot, Bok Choy Saute Pan and Egg Saucepan to L3
38146020Lettuce and Bok Choy*
40175020*$2000 Completion Bonus


Strategy and Upgrade Tips

  • Continually click on your Carmelized Carrot machine throughout the level so that it is always refilling.  Keep it fully stocked at all times and click on it even when its already full.  It doesn't refill itself automatically like the Tea Dispenser.
  • Because customers start off being very impatient, begin upgrading your Interior items early.  The Menu, Juice Bar and Aquarium should be upgraded as soon as possible to increase customer waiting time.
  • Increase your food prices early; upgrading Tuna to L1 earns an extra $4, Noodles and Bok Choy to L1 earn an extra $3.
  • Around Level 16, begin upgrading Interior items that increase Tip amount and Food items to L3 that increase prices the most.
  • Sometime around Level 27, an Automatic Tuna Cooker becomes available for 30 gems.  We were regularly buring Tuna by Level 29, so the Automatic Tuna Cooker was very helpful.  It won't automatically slice the Tuna, so it's important to remember to remove the Tuna quickly from the cooker and set aside to slice.
  • Only Tuna can be placed in the Food Warmers
  • Are you a top chef?  Are you ready to take your cooking to the next level?  Then Hell's Kitchen is waiting for you!
  • Prepare Pan-Seared Tuna, Ginger Caramelized Carrots, Raspberry Cremeux Tarts, Peach Iced Tea and other exquisite dishes.
  • Take this restaurant to the next level, and show your skills as a head chef!

Restaurant Tasks
Don't lose a single client throughout a level10600*
Get tips from every customer in one level10600*
Serve 100 Pan-Seared Tuna dishes10600*
Serve 100 Noodle dishes10600*
Upgrade every Kitchen item to Level 120700*
Upgrade every Interior item to Level 120700*
Serve 200 Peach Iced Teas20700*
Serve 200 Ginger Caramelized Carrots20700*
Complete the levels 1-20 with 3 stars20700*
Upgrade every Kitchen item to Level 230800*
Upgrade every Interior item to Level 230800*
Upgrade your Lettuce to level 230800*
Upgrade your Raspberry Cremeux Tart to level 230800*
Complete levels 1-30 with 3 stars30800*
Complete 4 customer orders in 6 seconds40900Level 16. Don't serve the 1st 4 customers; just prepare food. Then create the plates for the next four customers and serve all at once.
Serve 20 Raspberry Cremeux Tarts40900*
Upgrade every Kitchen item to Level 3501000*
Upgrade every Interior item to Level 3501000*
Complete every level with 3 stars501000*

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Questions, tricks or tips?

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