Cooking Craze Achievements

Cooking Craze Achievements

Cooking Craze Achievements

Cooking Craze is a new time management cooking game app developed by Big Fish Games.   The game play is nice, in that toppings can be added to food and served to customers with minimal clicks.  You can also play the game when your online or offline, which is nice when there’s no wifi signal nearby.

The game currently has over 400 levels, with new ones added regularly.  Your primary goal is to earn enough Coins to purchase upgrades and pick up enough Comment Cards to advance to new levels.  Each of the level guides for Cooking Craze include a breakdown of the goals for each Tier of a level, and which Tier holds the Comment Card.  Each level guide also provides some tips such as which Boosts to use if you are having trouble passing a level.

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Cooking Craze Achievements

Achievements are rewards you receive for completing tasks within Cooking Craze.  There are 3 tiers for each achievement.  You receive one Spoon for completing the 1st tier, 2 Spoons for the 2nd tier, and 3 Spoons for the 3rd tier.

Cooking Craze Achievement Reward

Flash in the Pan!

Win with Insta-Cook boost 20-100-1000 times

Razzle Dazzle

Win with Dazzler boost 30-150-1500 times

Money Maker

Win with Price-Doubler boost 20-100-1000 times

Make No Mistake!

Win with Burn-Proofer boost 20-100-1000 times

More Through the Door

Win with Add 3 Customers 20-100-1000 times

Bust a Move

Win with + 30 Seconds 20-100-1000 times

NY’s Finest Chef!

Win all NYC levels!

Premiere Chef!

Win all the Paris levels!

Rome’s Grande Chef!

Win all Rome levels!

Rio’s Grande Chef!

Win all Rio levels!

Bangkok’s best Chef!

Win all Bangkok levels!

Tokyo’s best Chef!

Win all Tokyo levels!

Top Chef in Athens!

Win all Athens levels!

Mexico City’s Top Chef!

Win all Mexico City levels!

Third Time Charm!

Complete combo x3 150-2000-20000 times


Complete combo x5 50-500-5000 times

Four on the Floor!

Complete combo x4 100-1000-10000 times

Sweet Victory

Give 100-500-3000 cupcakes to customers

Server Supreme

Serve 500-5000-20000 customers

Day Cook

Complete 5-50-500 daily quests

Fan Fare

Play game 7-30-50 days in a row

Steak Holder

Sell 50-500-1500 steaks

Nice to “Meat” You!

Sell 50-500-1500 burgers

Tis the Season

Add seasoning to dishes 200-1000-10000 times

Jump to it!

Sell 50-500-1500 Frog Legs

Pep Squad

Sell 500-2000-10000 cups of coffee

Top Twirler

Sell 50-500-1500 pasta dishes

Best of the Best

Win bonus levels 1-20-100 times

Top Chef

Collect 150-1000-10000 likes

Verve to Serve!

Win 10-30-100 levels in row without losing a customer!

Blazing Glory

Win 10-30-100 levels in a row without burning anything!

No Loss

Win 10-30-100 levels in a row without putting a dish in the trash!

Chef de Cuisine

Win 15-50-100 levels in a row


Win 20-50-100 levels in a day

Big Tipper

Earn 2000-200000-1000000 tips

Restaurant Royalty

Earn 2000-200000-1000000 cash

Tough Techie

Spend 3000-200000-1000000 for upgrades

Dream Kitchen

Complete all upgrades for 1-10-30 restaurant

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