World Chef – Chillout

World Chef – Chillout

The Chillout area becomes available at XP 15 for 6000 coins and takes 24 hours until it is constructed.  You will have an opportunity to participate in Events, which are challenges where you win a crate, coins and XP if completed within the allotted time frame.

  • The most important aspect of events is that you win common, advanced and luxury crates (depending on difficulty)
  • You will need to be able to store a lot of ingredients and dishes, so make sure you’ve upgraded both your Ingredient and Dish storage areas to hold at least 120 items each before you begin a Medium or Hard Event challenge.
  • As the difficulty levels increase, you will want to have at least 20 of each item in the challenge.  So your strategy is to prepare as much of those items in advance as possible.
  • There will be 3 events you can choose from.  You have to select the event you want to compete in before it starts, otherwise it will use the first available event.
  • You won’t know in advance how many dishes each of the requires until the event begins.  However, there does seem to be a pattern based on the duration of the event and the time each dish takes to cook.  
  • You can request two assists from the Social Market to help you complete an event.  This will also count towards the “Request 5 Chillout assists from other players” acheivement.
  • Regularly check the Social Market during an event to see if dishes you need are available for sale.  Not only will buying dishes help you complete your event, but the coins you spend count towards the “Spend 20,000 in the Social Market” acheivement.


Easy Events

This is a good way to get extra common crates and compete in an event that can be completed in the allotted time.  You’re usually asked to have 20 quick dishes and up to 3 each of longer cooking dishes.

Medium Events

This usually rewards with an advanced crate and requires some advance prep of dishes before the event begins.  You’ll want to have 20 of the quick dishes and will probably need up to 15 each of the longer cooking dishes.  You may be asked to complete up to 50 dishes.

Hard Events

This rewards with a Luxury crate and require much more prep work in advance.  You may be asked to complete up to 70 dishes and will need to have plenty of Ingredient and Storage space available. 

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