World Chef - Ingredients Breakdown


This breakdown guide shows the ingredients for sale in the Market.  It can be very helpful in comparing prices when you're buying items in the Social Market as well as deciding which ingredients might have the highest resale value in the Social Market.

Market IngredientsQuanity PriceRefill TimePrice Per IngredientXP Level
Beef6303 min51
Flour662 min12
Tomato6125 min26
Milk4126 min 40 sec37
Lettuce46010 min1510
Eggs4368 min 20 sec911
White Grapes63016 hours512
Peppers64812 min812
Salmon410033 min 25 sec2513
Ham48030 min2014
Coffee Beans4801 hour2014
Rice42013 min 25 sec515
Onions42415 min616
Avacado4601 hour1517
Chicken44020 min1019
Potato42016 min 40 sec520
Sugar4801 hour2021
Strawberries41002 hours2521
Saffron42003 hours5022
Chickpeas42820 min723
Chocolate2604 hours3024
Shrimp2805 hours4025
Truffle21406 hours7026
Greens42020 min528
Courgettes43620 min929
Red Grapes61019 hours6030
Lemons41220 min331
Pork42002 hours5033
Tofu41202 hours3034
Lobster43207 hours8035
Vanilla212012 hours6038
Coconut41602 hours4042
Mushrooms41201 hour3043
Pineapple41602 hours4045
Berries4601 hour1547
Caviar41602 hours 30 min4051