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Aquarium Room Escape Aquarium Room Escape

Fish keeping is one of your hobbies. With the same mindset, you have entered into an aquarium. There you are trapped. You have to escape from this place. Use objects, which are in the aquarium...

Candy House Escape Candy House Escape

Have you ever dream of a house full of candy? But it's a nightmare! You are trapped inside the candy house. Ask for help, look for useful object and clues. You must escape this nightmare..., Candy House Escape

Halloween Candy House Escape Halloween Candy House Escape

Look! The candy house is colorful in all sides! But what lies inside? There are challenges that you will encounter. Every door corresponds to different colors and Halloween candies. Be...Halloween Candy House Escape

Restaurant Kitchen Escape Restaurant Kitchen Escape

You find yourself trapped inside a restaurant kitchen room and you must look for hints and useful objects to escape. Have fun and good luck!

Restaurant Kitchen Escape, Restaurant Kitchen Escape
Sports Bar Escape Sports Bar Escape

You are trapped in a sports bar! Can you drink your way out of this place? Time is gold in this free online escape games! Enjoy!

Sports Bar Escape
Bad Memory Escape - Coffee Time Bad Memory Escape - Coffee Time

It is so frustrating to have a bad memory! You wake up locked in a room and the last thing you remember is you wanted to have coffee. Can you solve the mystery and escape the room?

Feed The Panda Feed The Panda

Everyone needs to eat. The panda wants candy. Cut the strings so that the candy falls into the panda's mouth. Earn bonuses by touching the symbols.

Feed The Panda
Fast Food Fiasco Fast Food Fiasco

Match the required fast food items to complete each level in this Match 3 game.

Fast Food Fiasco
Orange Line Orange Line

Get rewarded with orange juice when you navigate the orange line through a series of paths. Avoid the obstacles along the way.

Orange Line
Mahjong Burger Mahjong Burger

As food comes out of the conveyer belt, quickly match your mahjong tiles to remove the food items. But match tiles quickly. If any food falls off the belt, the level is over.

Mahjong Burger, Mahjong Burger
Burger Mania Burger Mania

In this addicting Match 3 game, you must make matches of food items to fill your customers orders.

Burger Mania, Burger Mania
It's Pizza Time It's Pizza Time

Help the pizza boy on his first day as a delivery guy to overcome different obstacles and make his first delivery in this unique escape format game.

It's Pizza Time
Must Escape The Burger Joint Must Escape The Burger Joint

You were supposed to close the burger joint but you fell asleep in the bathroom and now it seems like someone has locked you up in there. Now it’s time to escape the burger joint! Follow the...Must Escape The Burger Joint

Escape The Candy Factory Escape The Candy Factory

While running after candies, you got lost and ended up locked inside the candy factory! Can you figure out how to escape?

Point and click to collect useful items and solve the puzzles....Escape The Candy Factory

Giraffe Above Giraffe Above

Eat all the apples! You are a giraffe and you have to navigate your neck through a maze in the trees to get to the apples. Avoid blocking your way out and look out for monkeys.

Giraffe Above,
Sugar Sugar 2 Sugar Sugar 2

If you loved the first Sugar Sugar, you'll love this sequel too. New levels and challenges await.

Sugar Sugar 2
Greedy Mole

Help the mole collect fruits in this slightly different match 3 game.

Greedy Mole, Greedy Mole
Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar is a physics-based drawing game, your goal is to draw lines to get enough sugar in all the cups, send the sugar through the filter to color sugar.