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Katpow Express Katpow Express

This is a slightly disturbing game in which you run an asian restaurant. Stock your kitchen with animals and items you find in the alley, cook the food without burning it, and quickly serve...Katpow Express

Serve Or Die Serve Or Die

The head waiter is out to sabotage you, and the chef is out to kill you if you don't serve customers quickly enough.

Serve Or Die
Burger Shop Two Online Burger Shop 2

In Burger Shop, you successfully created a universal chain of restaurants and found fame and fortune... Until one day, you found yourself in a dumpster with a bump on your head, your...

Diner Chef 2 Diner Chef 2

The first restaurant was a big success. everyone loved the food and begged for more. of course, the diner chef responded to the public demand and opened a second restaurant. He is counting on...Diner Chef 2

Top That Deux Top That Deux

This is the sequel to Top That. You can choose game difficulty then set out to serve your customers a variety of salads, drinks and sandwiches.

Top That Deux
Kitchen King Kitchen King

You are a line chef at an all night diner and will be preparing everything from fried eggs and pancakes to pizza and chicken. Diners will be ordering some unusual combinations.

Kitchen King
Time Machine - Stone Age Cooking Time Machine - Stone Age Cooking

A science experiment has gone wrong. You're a monkey sneaks off in a time machine destined for the stone age and cooks meals for cave men. You'll be serving up a variety of caveman...Time Machine - Stone Age Cooking

Time Machine 2 - Medieval Cooking Time Machine 2 - Medieval Cooking

That crazy monkey is at it again. Now he's using the time machine to visit the medieval era and serving up food familiar to those serfs, villagers and peasants.

Time Machine 2 - Medieval Cooking
Kukoo Machines Kukoo Machines

Run your own restaurant using some wacky machines. Buy upgrades and new machines as you advance to each level.

Kukoo Machines
My First Restaurant My First Restaurant

You've opened your first restaurant. Time to seat and serve your guests by selecting the correct order items. Buy upgrades to make your place a success.

My First Restaurant
Restaurant Kitchen Escape Restaurant Kitchen Escape

You find yourself trapped inside a restaurant kitchen room and you must look for hints and useful objects to escape. Have fun and good luck!

Restaurant Kitchen Escape, Restaurant Kitchen Escape
Sushi Chef Sushi Chef

Become a sushi chef and navigate around the kitchen to prepare your hungry customers orders before they become angry.

Sushi Chef, Sushi Chef
Ramen Noodle Delight Ramen Noodle Delight

Help the panda rebuild his noodle restaurant and prepare fabulous bowls of ramen noodles with toppings such as shrimp and nori. Over 35 levels of game play and upgrades in story mode. High...Ramen Noodle Delight, Ramen Noodle Delight

Amigo Cafe Amigo Cafe

Serve up your fellow amigos as you run your mexican restaurant. Several play levels as well as upgrades.

Amigo Cafe, Amigo Cafe
Feed Mee! Zombie Restaurant Feed Mee! Zombie Restaurant

Carol has been captured by zombies. In exchange for not eating her, she agrees to serve them food. Keep the zombies happy.

Feed Mee! Zombie Restaurant, Feed Mee! Zombie Restaurant
Bar-b-que Restaurant Bar-b-que Restaurant

Season, cook and sauce up meals for your customers. Increase your reputation by properly preparing and cooking food and serving your customers quickly.

Bar-b-que Restaurant
Rosie's Restaurant Rosie's Restaurant

Welcome to Rosie's Restaurant. Seat your customers, take their orders and serve their food to meet the daily goals. Upgrades available.

Rosie's Restaurant, Rosie's Restaurant
Diner City Diner City

Start your own restaurant business and build your empire.
Choose your restaurant type and upgrade it with the new appliances to reach the money goal faster than your competitor.

Diner City, Diner City