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Burger Shop Two Online Burger Shop 2

In Burger Shop, you successfully created a universal chain of restaurants and found fame and fortune... Until one day, you found yourself in a dumpster with a bump on your head, your...

Burger Jam Burger Jam

Give the people the food they want in the quickest time you can. If you are really busy you can give out free juice to keep the customers happy.

Burger Jam
Burger Chef Burger Chef

Build lots of burgers! A bit different than most games because you'll also need to pay attention to how many of each ingredient as well as positioning. Use a big selection of ingredients...Burger Chef

McDeath Burger Builder McDeath Burger Builder

In this burger building game, your goal is to drop the burger ingredients onto the plate before they slide off the screen. Upgrade to bigger burgers and buy your own restaurant.

McDeath Burger Builder
Fast Food Fiasco Fast Food Fiasco

Match the required fast food items to complete each level in this Match 3 game.

Fast Food Fiasco
Burger Zombie Burger Zombie

Time to run your own fast food joint for creepy zombie clientele.

Burger Zombie, Burger Zombie
Burger Run Burger Run

Stack burgers as quickly as possible for your customers in this fast paced skill game. Earn extra points by stacking ingredients in the correct order.

Burger Run
Burger Mania Burger Mania

In this addicting Match 3 game, you must make matches of food items to fill your customers orders.

Burger Mania, Burger Mania
Burger Restaurant 4 Burger Restaurant 4

The 4th in the burger restaurant series. Welcome to the hottest burger joint in town. You are the manger. Prepare, serve and make the most money you can.

Burger Restaurant 4, Burger Restaurant 4
Burger Restaurant 3 Burger Restaurant 3

Quirkier customers, ethnic dishes--burger restaurant is going on a world tour!

How to Play Burger Restaurant 3

Use your mouse to navigate the kitchen, preparing and serving...Burger Restaurant 3, Burger Restaurant 3

Burger Restaurant 2 Burger Restaurant 2

Return to Burger Restaurant! Go global, this time with 3 new restaurants, new clients, and new meals!

How to Play

- Click on the machines and ingredients to prepare people’s...Burger Restaurant 2, Burger Restaurant 2

Burger Restaurant Burger Restaurant

Make milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to the top! There are 3 different restaurants.

How to Play Burger Restaurant

Prepare the orders by clicking with...Burger Restaurant, Burger Restaurant

Papa's Burgeria Papa's Burgeria

Cook, stack and serve burgers to all your crazy customers!

If a Pizzeria serves pizzas, then naturally a Burgeria would serve burgers. However, Papa's Burgeria will make any...Papa's Burgeria, Papa's Burgeria, Papa's Burgeria