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Ever Rising Water Ever Rising Water

Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gameplay in an open seas Physics game. Too many shapes will sink your boat! While too many shapes falling in water will...Ever Rising Water

Fish Need Water Fish Need Water

Help the fish get back into water by creating leverage using logs and wheels. 24 levels

Fish Need Water
Fludo Tasty Mushrooms Fludo Tasty Mushrooms

Guide Fludo through a series of levels where he gathers mushrooms and defeats enemies by jumping on them.

Fludo Tasty Mushrooms
Go Go Gummo Go Go Gummo

Go Go Gummo - Down In The Dumps is a fun, action-puzzle platformer that will have you immersed in a world where you can swing, sling, fling, float and roll your way through trashy levels of...Go Go Gummo

Pudding Strike Pudding Strike

(We think they all look more like jello than pudding) - In the world of candies, players take control of a flock of pudding citizens that are attempting to rescue their princess that have been...Pudding Strike

Polar Slide Polar Slide

A fun puzzle game with the aim to move all marked blocks to the designated destinations. Push and crack ice cubes with your bulldozer on your way to the goal! The less moves you do – the higher...Polar Slide

Feed Starvy The Monster Feed Starvy The Monster

Click on the fruit, than click on the empty spot in order to move it. Form a 2x2 square of the same kind of fruit. Make combos to get more points and power-ups. Combine ice cream with any fruit...Feed Starvy The Monster

Bee Quick Bee Quick

Buzz the bee is a lazy bee. Buzz has been kicked out of many hives for not doing his work. Help him keep his new home by harvesting honey in this fun new adventure skill game. Buy lots of...Bee Quick

Fruitjong Mahjong Fruitjong Mahjong

FruitJong is a 3d mahjong game with wooden colorful blocks. It's easier to play because you can collect the pieces in the middle but you can't click the blocks underneath. The score...Fruitjong Mahjong

Oh, My Candy Oh, My Candy

This little hamster loves candies. You should push them through different puzzles to feed this candy-lover.

Oh, My Candy
Ninja Mushroom Ninja Mushroom

Guide your super ninja shroom through a mystical forest. Move blocks and avoid dangers while trying to reach the sacred log.

Ninja Mushroom
Apple Hunter Apple Hunter

Make the hedgehogs roll over in the right direction turning static items into dynamic ones to collect all the apples avoiding the bad spikes! Different bonuses that they meet on the way change...Apple Hunter

Marmoot Marmoot

Help the guinea pigs expel the rats from their village using tomato bombs. Just don't hit your friends.

Save The Snails Save The Snails

Carefully balance these escargot (oops...we mean snails) on logs in the chopping water. Be careful when stacking them so that they don't tip over...snails don't swim.

Save The Snails
Thirsty Parrot Remixed Thirsty Parrot Remixed

Help quench this thirsty parrot's thirst for fruit juice by combining fruits to make matches of 3 or more. Get combos and power ups.

Thirsty Parrot Remixed
Farmscapes Farmscapes

Help Tom and his grandpa Joe restore his ranch. Earn money by selling fresh veggies, juicy fruits, eggs, flowers and honey from his old farm to the townspeople, and spend it on restoring the...Farmscapes

Fruit Crazy Fruit Crazy

The object of this game is to match 4 or more fruits to clear the goals for each level before your fruit lines go too high.

Fruit Crazy
Fruit Shooter Fruit Shooter

Cavemen need to eat too. Help the caveman drop fruit from the trees in this match 3 shooting game. His dinosaur will assist by picking up the fruit as they fall, earning points.

Fruit Shooter