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Doctor Ku - The Kitchen Doctor Ku - The Kitchen

Help Doctor Ku escape the kitchen by finding items, distracting the chef and exposing clues. Some tasks may need to be performed in a specific order.

Doctor Ku - The Kitchen
Juice Bar Escape Juice Bar Escape

You and your friends had a great time inside the juice bar, but its time to go home! You didn't know that the exit has been locked and that means you are trapped. Find a way to escape this...Juice Bar Escape

Cold Room Escape Cold Room Escape

You have just started a new job as a kitchen worker. However, on the first day at the job, you get trapped in the cold freezer/room. You must escape before you freeze!!!

Cold Room Escape
Cooldrinks Factory Escape Cooldrinks Factory Escape

Take care on your way to the cool drinks factory! You don't know what will you see or hear there. What worse is you can get trapped inside that unknown place. Get ready as you may enter...Cooldrinks Factory Escape

Ice Cream Shop Escape Ice Cream Shop Escape

Love ice cream? You are trapped inside the ice cream shop, try to find out the clues, objects and use your skills to escape from there.

Ice Cream Shop Escape
Escape Ecru Room Escape Ecru Room

Rupert has taken a job as an unappreciated Pizza cook. Help him serve his customers, and leave for his well deserved vacation.

Escape Ecru Room
Escape from the Kitchen Escape from the Kitchen

Click on objects and parts of the room to interact. Roll over objects in the inventory to highlight and then click the Check Object button to take a closer look and eventually, escape from the...Escape from the Kitchen

Kitchen Escape Kitchen Escape

The kitchen is a nice place for enjoying a relaxing dinner. But how about if you are stuck in there forever? Try to escape this 3 dimensional space by using your detective skills. Think about...Kitchen Escape

Aquarium Room Escape Aquarium Room Escape

Fish keeping is one of your hobbies. With the same mindset, you have entered into an aquarium. There you are trapped. You have to escape from this place. Use objects, which are in the aquarium...

Candy House Escape Candy House Escape

Have you ever dream of a house full of candy? But it's a nightmare! You are trapped inside the candy house. Ask for help, look for useful object and clues. You must escape this nightmare..., Candy House Escape

Halloween Candy House Escape Halloween Candy House Escape

Look! The candy house is colorful in all sides! But what lies inside? There are challenges that you will encounter. Every door corresponds to different colors and Halloween candies. Be...Halloween Candy House Escape

Restaurant Kitchen Escape Restaurant Kitchen Escape

You find yourself trapped inside a restaurant kitchen room and you must look for hints and useful objects to escape. Have fun and good luck!

Restaurant Kitchen Escape, Restaurant Kitchen Escape
Sports Bar Escape Sports Bar Escape

You are trapped in a sports bar! Can you drink your way out of this place? Time is gold in this free online escape games! Enjoy!

Sports Bar Escape
Bad Memory Escape - Coffee Time Bad Memory Escape - Coffee Time

It is so frustrating to have a bad memory! You wake up locked in a room and the last thing you remember is you wanted to have coffee. Can you solve the mystery and escape the room?

Kitchen Escape Game Kitchen Escape Game

Escape the kitchen where you are trapped. Find objects and solve puzzle to escape! Good luck playing escape games!

Kitchen Escape Game