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Rush Rush Pizza

In this frogger style pizza delivery game, you pick up coins and pizzas, avoid other drivers, and get pizzas to your customers

Rush Rush Pizza
Chomper Chomper

Use the mouse to steer Chomper the fish, finding him tasty red worms to eat while avoiding green ones, and steering clear of the evil purple fish.


Combine same color of blobs (we'll call them jello blobs) to remove them from the playing field and reach your target score.

Food Flinger Food Flinger

Fling food to hungry fans at the stadium.

Food Flinger
Toast Of War Toast Of War

Help the lone toast warrior defeat the stick of butter.

Toast Of War
Hungry Brothers Hungry Brothers

Apparently Sushi Cat has a brother who eats just as much as him. Quickly serve the brothers but don't mess up.

You're Toast 2

Toast. Has a hero ever been braver? Or more delicious? Lots of hungry critters are looking for a toasty snack. How long can you stay in one piece? Gather peanut butter and jelly for a superb...

Serve Or Die Serve Or Die

The head waiter is out to sabotage you, and the chef is out to kill you if you don't serve customers quickly enough.

Serve Or Die
Pizza Slot Machine 2 Pizza Slot Machine 2

Time to win greasy cheesy slices of 8 types of pizza and heat up the wood fired pizza oven so it bakes up some awesome achievements! Get ready to play the craziest slot machine..and probably...Pizza Slot Machine 2

Taco Grill Slots Machine Taco Grill Slots Machine

Taco Grill Slot Machine is the ultimate cooking game and slot machine combined..when you win big with 3 of a kind chicken,beef, or pork..the BBQ heats up and starts cookin! Hit two pans while...Taco Grill Slots Machine

Tomato Ketchup Tomato Ketchup

You're a tomato. You don't want to become ketchup. Stay on the platforms, avoid getting crushed at the top and avoid falling in the ketchup sauce at the bottom.

Tomato Ketchup
Hotcorn Hotcorn

Pop as much popcorn as possible every level using your fireball. Avoid hazards and collect powerups. Play all 50 fun levels

Tomato Bounce Tomato Bounce

Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad! Bounce them across the kitchen to the table. You get another life every 500 points. Also watch out for the power-ups. Some are good, some are not....Tomato Bounce

Kalorie King Kalorie King

You need to get in shape! Try to stay off the pizza, hamburgers and candy, and eat carrots, lettuce and apples instead. Many special items will help you, but there are also some that will make...

Apple Tree Apple Tree

Fill your basket with red and yellow apples to earn points! Click and collect them before they touch the ground. Avoid apples that have worms otherwise you will lose points.

Apple Tree
Crazy Chef Crazy Chef

The chef has eaten some fruit that shrunk his size. He must now get through the kitchen safely while collecting bonuses and health points. Watch out for ants and cockroaches.

Crazy Chef
Frosty Frenzy Frosty Frenzy

Guide a group of penguins through the antarctic, eating fish and shrimp and powerups. Earn points to buy penguin upgrades. Avoid killer whales and jelly fish.

Frosty Frenzy
Fishenoid Fishenoid

Dr. Padlo trapped underwater creatures in cells and now you can't go fishing unless you release them. Use your boat similar to a pong paddle to bounce the ball on the blocks. 16 types of...Fishenoid