Sushi Cat Sushi Cat

Help Sushi Cat on his journey which can only be completed by filling his belly with sushi. The goal is to drop Sushi Cat down food aisles so he can eat all the sushi along the way.

Sushi Cat Sushi Cat
Bar-b-que Restaurant Bar-b-que Restaurant

Season, cook and sauce up meals for your customers. Increase your reputation by properly preparing and cooking food and serving your customers quickly.

Bar-b-que Restaurant
Bartender Bartender

Welcome to the game for cocktail connoisseurs. Mix your own cocktails. Pour, shake and server and the barman will judge your mixing skills.

Snack Bar Snack Bar

Help Jennifer manage her seaside snack bar. Serve up ice cream, sandwiches and drinks. Increase your income to buy upgrades.

Snack Bar Snack Bar
Feed Mee! Zombie Restaurant Feed Mee! Zombie Restaurant

Carol has been captured by zombies. In exchange for not eating her, she agrees to serve them food. Keep the zombies happy.

Feed Mee! Zombie Restaurant Feed Mee! Zombie Restaurant
Pancake Stand Pancake Stand

The goal of the game is to serve pancakes from 9pm to midnight without losing 5 customers so that you can open again the next night. Prepare as many pancakes in advance as possible to keep...Pancake Stand

Amigo Cafe Amigo Cafe

Serve up your fellow amigos as you run your mexican restaurant. Several play levels as well as upgrades.

Amigo Cafe Amigo Cafe
Tapas Time Tapas Time

Serve up a variety of tapas dishes while keeping your customers happy.

Tapas Time Tapas Time
Hot BBQ Party Hot BBQ Party

Serve up 4 varieties of meats and upgrade your stand to keep your customers happy.

Hot BBQ Party Hot BBQ Party
Burger Run Burger Run

Stack burgers as quickly as possible for your customers in this fast paced skill game. Earn extra points by stacking ingredients in the correct order.

Burger Run
Mahjong Burger Mahjong Burger

As food comes out of the conveyer belt, quickly match your mahjong tiles to remove the food items. But match tiles quickly. If any food falls off the belt, the level is over.

Mahjong Burger Mahjong Burger
Orange Line Orange Line

Get rewarded with orange juice when you navigate the orange line through a series of paths. Avoid the obstacles along the way.

Orange Line
Pizza Passion Pizza Passion

Keep the pizza in the air for as long as possible, catching as many toppings as possible, in order to win a kiss.

Pizza Passion Pizza Passion
Burger Zombie Burger Zombie

Time to run your own fast food joint for creepy zombie clientele.

Burger Zombie Burger Zombie
Fast Food Fiasco Fast Food Fiasco

Match the required fast food items to complete each level in this Match 3 game.

Fast Food Fiasco
Ramen Noodle Delight Ramen Noodle Delight

Help the panda rebuild his noodle restaurant and prepare fabulous bowls of ramen noodles with toppings such as shrimp and nori. Over 35 levels of game play and upgrades in story mode. High...Ramen Noodle Delight Ramen Noodle Delight

Evil Food Critic Evil Food Critic

Play the evil food critic and inflict as much pain and suffering on your waiter as possible for not serving you food to your standards. Warning: may contain adult theme.

Evil Food Critic
Samurai Fruit Samurai Fruit

Use your samurai sword to slice up the fruit and earn power ups. Avoid grenades and paint bombs.

Samurai Fruit
Feed The Panda Feed The Panda

Everyone needs to eat. The panda wants candy. Cut the strings so that the candy falls into the panda's mouth. Earn bonuses by touching the symbols.

Feed The Panda
Sushi Chef Sushi Chef

Become a sushi chef and navigate around the kitchen to prepare your hungry customers orders before they become angry.

Sushi Chef Sushi Chef
Paupiette at Fast Diego Paupiette at Fast Diego

Help Paupiette acheive his dream of eating the most hot dogs. Avoid eating spoiled green dogs and remember to catch and use sodas and lax pills to relieve gas.

Paupiette at Fast Diego
Kitchen Escape Game Kitchen Escape Game

Escape the kitchen where you are trapped. Find objects and solve puzzle to escape! Good luck playing escape games!

Kitchen Escape Game
Bad Memory Escape - Coffee Time Bad Memory Escape - Coffee Time

It is so frustrating to have a bad memory! You wake up locked in a room and the last thing you remember is you wanted to have coffee. Can you solve the mystery and escape the room?

Sports Bar Escape Sports Bar Escape

You are trapped in a sports bar! Can you drink your way out of this place? Time is gold in this free online escape games! Enjoy!

Sports Bar Escape